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Two Ways of Selling Your New Jersey House

If you want to sell your house in New Jersey, then you may want to learn some of the different ways you can do it. Below, we’ll break down your options and explain how you can put your New Jersey houses for sale.
There are plenty of ways to your house in New Jersey, but most people go for the two most common options: selling to a direct buyer that you can easily find by searching for the term “we buy houses cash NJ” on any search engine or by listing your property with the help of a real estate agent.
Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and because no two sales are ever the same, it’s best that get a gist of what each one entails you.

Selling to a Direct Buyer

A quick and easy way to sell your house. This mostly only involves two steps:

  1. Get an offer – Show the property you’re selling to a direct buyer and they’ll make an offer based on what they see. It’s up to you whether or not you want to accept it. You’re not obliged or pressured to sell to them.
  2. Sell your house – If the offer sounds good to you, then the deal is closed a few days later and you’ll be paid in full with cash.

Like us at Cash Buyer New Jersey, we buy houses cash NJ, and take care of everything, from repairs to cleaning and even the closing costs. So, all you have to do is accept the offer, agree on a sale date, and wait for the sale to close.

Selling with a Real Estate Agent

The more common method, albeit a long and arduous one that can take weeks if not months. It involves several steps, namely:

  1. Set the price – As a general rule of thumb, get a proper assessment of the value of your house and price it accordingly. You’ll want to avoid putting yourself in a position where you have to lower your price repeatedly because it will make your property look a lot less desirable.
  2. Get a Trustworthy Agent – The agent you choose can make or break the deal and don’t forget that you’re going to be bound to them for anywhere from three to six months. So, choose wisely. Interview multiple agents before choosing one and don’t be afraid to talk to their previous clients to get an opinion about what it’s like working with the particular agent.
  3. Fix Everything – Getting your house ready means fixing anything that needs fixing. If you can get a home inspector to check it out first so you know what needs to be worked on first, even better. You’ll want to give it a fresh coat of paint as well, to give it a brand-new look. Don’t forget to clear out all of your stuff as well, including all those that could be hidden in the nooks and crevices. Doing these will save you a lot of time and money when a potential buyer comes in and tries to negotiate the price just because of a few things you forget to fix.
  4. House Showing – Once you’re done with the necessary preparations, it’s time to show it to the world. Again, don’t forget to clear away everything. You’ll want your house to look as if it was brand-new and for buyers to properly visualize themselves living inside it. It’ll also help to stage the house, so as to make it look more appealing, both in person and photos. Go online to market your house, make a montage if you can, and tell everyone you know that you’re selling. Basically, let the whole world that you’re selling your house.
  5. Finding a Buyer – This is perhaps the hardest thing to do. Buyers are hard to come by. But, if you did your marketing right, your house will eventually get seen, and after a couple of property showings, you’ll eventually get an offer that’s worthy of accepting. Just be patient. That offer will arrive someday.
  6. Negotiate – The offer doesn’t mean a close deal just yet. There’s the negotiation process that you have to deal with first. Often, this includes lowering the price to make room for major repairs, or you providing credit in case it happens within a set period of time. Regardless, this is a very fickle part of the process. In case you and the buyer can’t come to an agreement, you could find yourself going back to the very start of the process.
  7. Closing – Even after you have come to an agreement with the buyer, don’t expect the sale to happen immediately. It’ll take a couple of weeks to arrive to that point, during which time your house will be on escrow as the buyer waits for the lender to approve of the loan and release the funds for the sale to go through.

Of the two, listing your house definitely takes a much longer time. If you’re wondering and asking yourself how to sell my house fast NJ, then worry not, because here at Cash Buyer New Jersey, we buy houses cash NJ so you don’t have to spend weeks worrying about whether your house is ever going to be sold or not.