Can You Still Sell a House After a Flood?

Floods can be devastating, both emotionally and financially. Even if your family manages to get away from the flood unscathed, the same can’t be said for your things, and more importantly, your house.


The merciless and destructive power of the torrents probably destroyed a lot of your things, and in worse cases, made your house unlivable. It’s dangerous living inside a home that’s been flooded. Flooded homes are exposed to mud, grime, as well as various kinds of harmful chemicals and contaminants that can put you and your family’s health at risk if you choose to live there again.


Of course, there are ways to restore your home to its condition before the flood. However, you can’t be blamed for wanting to sell the home after a flood as well.


Either way, whether you plan on returning to your flooded home, or you want to sell it, you’ll find these tips below useful as long as you act quickly.


1. Call your insurance company

Hopefully, you got insurance and it covers flood damage. If not, then, you can still try and call your insurance company on what kind of damages can be covered so you can at least try to recoup some of the costs.


Make sure to do this as soon as you’re able to go back to your home. This way, the insurance company can send someone immediately to check and assess the damage. Also, don’t forget to document everything. Take photos and videos of the extent of the damage before you start cleaning everything.


2. Wash away as much dirt, mud, and grime as you can

You can either hire someone to hose away as much dirt, mud, and grime from your house, especially the hard surfaces, or you can do it yourself.


If you have the budget, a cleaning company that specializes in flood damage might be good idea.

3. Don’t forget to disinfect your stuff

Even if your home appears to be clean already, there might still be contaminants lurking about.


As an added precaution, make sure that you disinfect most of your stuff. In particular, china, glass, and other stuff that you use in your kitchen should be soaked in a strong sterilizing solution for as long as 30 minutes first to make sure that all contaminants are removed.


Don’t forget to take proper precautions before doing this, such as wearing a mask and gloves.


4. Don’t reuse your mattresses

You can’t salvage mattresses after a flood.


5. Hire a professional to assess damage and make repairs

Your ceilings, walls, paneling, wall boards, and others, could have been damaged by the flood. If not, then they might become health hazards because they can soak up the water from the flood and become a cesspool for molds to grow.

Hire a professional to check your house to see for any signs of damage and mold so that they can be removed and repaired as soon as possible.


One of the hardest things after a flood is to clean your home, and you can’t just sell house fast after a flood the conventional way without taking a huge dent on your total contract price because you are in no position to negotiate.


There is a way to sell your flooded home for a fair price, however.


You can contact cash buyers, such as us, to try and sell your house as-is. We buy houses, regardless of their state, for a reasonable price. We buy houses NJ for cash without asking for any additional fee other than what’s stated in our offer and make sure that you can move on from the flood in as little as a few weeks with your cash on hand.


Is It a Good Idea to Sell A House As Is?

The decision on whether to sell houses as is, or to make improvements to sell it at a much-higher price, is a hotly-contested debate.


Some believe that investing to make a house sell for a lot more is worth it. Others believe that it’s just not worth the time, money, and effort to try and upscale a house when it can be sold as-is for a fair price.


So, which is which?

3 Factors to Consider When Selling As-Is

  1. Cost of renovation work

This should be the first and most important factor for you to consider.


Yes, it’s a good idea to try and improve your property to sell house fast. But, it’s not always worth it. Between the repair costs and the renovation work, it is possible that making the house look better can be too expensive and that the selling price just isn’t enough to help recoup the costs. Or, even if it is, the added premium isn’t really big enough to make having to go through all the trouble of improving a house worth the effort and money.


  1. Possible contractor issues

Keep in mind that when working with contractors, there are other costs involved.


The initial contract price for the renovation work might seem affordable, but there will be more costs down the line. Sometimes, there can be too much costs, and even if you might end up selling the house for a higher price, are you really willing to risk spending a lot of money for it?


  1. Selling price

Last, but definitely not the least, is the selling price.


When you sell your house as is, you don’t have to worry about anything else. Basically, the math is the total contract price of selling as-is and the potential selling price of upgrading the house. If the difference is enough to make you consider investing in improving the house, then by all means, do it.


Just remember that what you’re doing is a risk. Not everyone will value your upscaled property the same way. Not to mention, improving your house in your own eyes does not guarantee that other potential homebuyers will see it that way.


If you really need the money right away and don’t want to deal with the long and arduous process of selling a house, there is another way to sell your house fast.


You can contact cash buyers such as ourselves to get your property off of your hands quickly.


We buy houses for cash as-is without requiring you to do anything kind of work at all. We just need to check out if the property is good for selling, and we make a fair offer. That’s it. No more questions asked.


We cash buyers don’t really care much about the state of your property. We buy houses NJ cash and let you go on your merry ways in a matter of weeks.

How to Sell a House Without a Realtor

Can you sell a house without a realtor? Of course. Why not? As long as you go through all of the legal process and do your due diligence, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to sell your house scot-free and with minimal stress.


But, the question is, should you?


Well, that’s a different problem. Because, even if you do your research right, there’s a huge difference between a realtor who’s had years of experience selling dozens of properties before and you, a homeowner who is likely trying to sell house fast for the first time in his or her life.


So, what should you do? Should you sell your house with a realtor? Or should you sell it on your own?


Why Realtors Aren’t Worth the Money

Real estate agents may have a lot of experience selling houses, but they don’t often lighten the workload for you. In fact, hiring a realtor can sometimes give you even more work than if you had just sold your house yourself.


Put simply, the added hassle of working with a real estate agent isn’t always worth it.


Just think about it. A realtor doesn’t always do everything for you. They’re not always the ones who will be meeting potential homebuyers for showings. Sometimes, it’s you. Unless, of course, you pay them a hefty sum, or promise them a larger take of the total contract price. If you do that, then you won’t be able to get as much as you expected from the house sale. Not to mention, hiring a realtor doesn’t guarantee that your house will be sold immediately.


It’s not unusual for realtors to give on homes that take a long time to sell because the price will ony keep on dropping the longer a property is listed on the market.


Not to mention, in the eventuality that someone does indeed end up buying the property, you not only have to pay for the realtor you hired, but also the realtor that the other party hired.


When you factor in the commission fees, plus other costs involved such as the closing fees, insurance, and more, you’ll easily end up spending or losing thousands if not tens of thousands just to get your home to sell.

Selling to a Cash Buyer

If you’re willing to work with a cash buyer, you can easily sell your property without the help of a realtor and with minimal effort.


We buy houses as-is. That means that you don’t have to do any kind of repair work or renovation to make your house enticing to us. We buy houses NJ cash regardless of how much work it needs, and more importantly, we make fair valuations and offers that, when you factor all of the costs, you’ll end up getting nearly as much (if not more) money than you would’ve if you sold your house with a real estate agent – in less time and with much less hassle.


The best part? The fair market value offer is free and you can



We buy houses as-is. That means that you don’t have to do any kind of repair work or renovation to make your house enticing to us. We buy houses NJ cash regardless of how much work it needs, and more importantly, we make fair valuations and offers that, when you factor all of the costs, you’ll end up getting nearly as much (if not more) money than you would’ve if you sold your house with a real estate agent – in less time and with much less hassle.


The best part? The fair market value offer is free and you can always say no!

How to Sell Your House Fast?

Being ready to sell your house doesn’t guarantee that you’ll sell your property fast. To do that, you need to put in a fair amount of work.


But, not as much as you’d think.


The thing is, there are things that you can do, on your own, that can help guarantee that your house doesn’t stay too long on the market and depreciates too much in terms of value.


Below, you’ll find tips that can help you sell house fast and quick.


1. Try to Improve the Curb Appeal

First impressions everything in this world. This goes for your house as well. If you want a potential buyer to be impressed by your house, you’ll want the outside of your house to be as welcoming and as inviting as the insides are.


That’s why you need to work on the curb appeal.


Go outside of your home and try to put your self in the shoes of a stranger. How does your house look from the outside? Does it look like the owners want you to come in? Does it look well-maintained or dishevelled?


You’d be surprised as to how much more value you’re going to get from your property if you just make sure that the landscaping is groomed and your lawns are mowed all the time.


2. Renovate, Upgrade or Repair

Repairing is sometimes necessary, but definitely something that you’ll want to do, both to improve the value of your home and to make sure that the deal goes through without any problems.


It’s no secret that a better-looking house always sells more. However, keep in mind that “good-looking” is a subjective term, so you may want to focus instead on making sure that your house is just sturdy, looks like it was maintained properly by the owners (you), and that it’s good to live or transfer into right away.


Affordable things that you can do that add tremendous value to your home include repainting, making sure that all of the door knobs are working, removing any creaks from the doors, checking for any cracks in the foundation, as well as fixing any leaks on the roofs.


Remember, buyers will check every nook and cranny of your home. Don’t give them a reason to look elsewhere. Fix everything, even if you can’t make improvements, and the house-selling process will go much more smoothly for you.


If you can’t fix everything, then at least be honest, and don’t expect too much from your house.


Selling a house is never an easy process. It takes a long time, and it takes a lot out of you emotionally as well. However, prolonging the sale will only make the process even worse.


With these tips, you can make sure that your house sells as fast as possible.


You can also choose to work with home cash buyers such as us. We buy houses for cash and the process is straight forward. The best part is that we buy houses NJ for cash as-is, without requiring you to do any renovation work or repairs, and the process will only take a few weeks.


How to Downsize the Smart Way as an Empty Nester

Once the kids starting heading off to college or getting married and live separate lives, you’ll quickly realize just how much larger your home is and how much empty space you have to deal with now that your children are all gone.


This also makes this the perfect time to downsize and start planning how you plan to live your remaining decades as a couple.


If you are an empty nester, or a soon-to-be one, you’ll find a couple of downsizing tips below to help you do it the right way.


1. Make a Plan First

Everything is always easier if you have a plan.


Your house is big right now because you had kids for years, but now it’s just the two of you, you need to reassess your life and think about the kind of life you want to live going forward.


Are you planning on travelling most of the year? Do you want less work? Do you want to move further from the city now that there’s no reason for you to be so close to work or schools anymore?


It’s up to you, so plan carefully.


2. Declutter Now

You’d be amazed as to how much stuff there really is inside your house, and if you don’t start decluttering as soon as your kids move out, then you’re going to have to take care of a lot of stuff once you do decide what you’re going to do next.


The earlier you start to declutter your stuff, the more time you’ll have once you’re ready to take next step.


3. Start giving away family heirlooms

Try asking which of your kids want to get a family heirloom or two.


Be prepared, however. Not all of your kids will want to take family heirlooms. So, you can try your relatives and other close friends. But, either way, what’s important is that you start giving away family heirlooms sooner rather than later.


It’d be a shame if you ended up selling them in a rush, or giving them away to someone you’re not really close with, or they end up being stuck in storage, just because you didn’t start giving them away earlier.

4. Take Photos of your Stuff

Letting go of your stuff doesn’t mean that you want to totally forget about them. Sometimes, it’s great to reminisce and remember all of the memories that come with the stuff that you have inside your house.


Snap a photo or two, ideally with you, of your stuff before letting them go. Better yet, snap a photo of your stuff with you and the new owners, so you can remember who you gave them to when you start looking back later on.


There are many things that you can do once your kids have moved on and it’s only just you and your spouse.


One of the most drastic things that you can do is to sell house fast.


It may make for a really emotional moment, but think about it, what reason do you have to hold on to it anymore? If your kids don’t want it, and you’re better off living somewhere smaller and cheaper, why not sell it, right?


If you do make the decision to sell it, make sure to contact cash buyers like us. We buy houses for cash and make fair valuations so you get a reasonable amount of money for your property without really doing any work because we buy houses NJ as is.

4 Common Mistakes Most House Sellers Make

Wanting to sell a house is one thing. Actually listing it and making sure that it actually gets offers or gets sold is a lot more complicated.


This is why a lot of home sellers make mistakes. As a result, their house takes too long to sell on the market and depreciates in value. Those are two things that all home sellers should want to avoid, but, unfortunately, fall victim to because of how inexperienced they are.


If you are planning on selling your house soon and want to make sure that you get fair market value for your property, below are common mistakes that most home sellers make that you should take note of so you can avoid making the same mistakes.


1. Your house is too personal

The more personal belongings there are when a potential homebuyer is viewing your home, the less likely they’ll be able to feel themselves inside your house and the more likely they’ll pass it up in favour of another house for sale.


The key to allowing potential buyers imagine themselves living inside your home is to stage your house properly. Hide any personal items in storage while your house is up for sale and remove most if not all furniture that you used personally.


Make the house a blank and you can sell house fast.


2. Your Interior Isn’t Modern

Kitchens and bathrooms, in particular, are the biggest offenders of outdated design, and unfortunately, they’re also quite expensive to renovate.


Still, there are inexpensive things that you can do to try and update the style of your kitchen or bathroom, as well as other rooms.


Repainting the walls or cabinets, adding a new light fixture or two, as well as installing new window treatments, are all affordable options that can help update the interior design of your home and make it look modern.


3. Your House Smells Like You or Your Pets

You probably don’t know it, but your house smells like “you” or, in worse cases, like your pets.


As a good rule of thumb, always bring a friend, or even a total stranger, with you to “smell test” your house and ask what your house smells like. If it’s not pleasing, then you probably need to try and get rid of the smells.


4. You’re the one selling your house

Perhaps the biggest mistake is to think that you can sell your house on your own without any help. That’s just not a good decision.


Always work with a real estate agent to sell your house. They have way more experience and have a much larger network than you. They can also sell your house for a much higher price and much faster as well.


Basically, there’s very few logical reasons why you should not work with a real estate agent to sell your house.


One of the very few cases when you shouldn’t sell your house with a real estate agent is you want to sell it as is and don’t want to go through the trouble of negotiating the price. In that case, you’ll want to work with a cash buyer like us.


We buy houses cash as is without asking you to do any repairs or renovation. You simply have to tell us if your house is up for sale, and we’ll check its legitimacy, and give you a fair offer. If you think that the price we offered is good, that’s it. You only need to sign a few papers and wait for a few weeks to get paid.


We buy houses NJ cash so you don’t have to worry about the hassles of negotiating and waiting anymore.


Look for These Popular Features When Searching for an Accessible Home

Everyone goes into the home-buying process with a list of specific wants and needs. The tricky part is finding “the one” that checks off the most important features on your list while staying within your budget. This can be a challenge for anyone, but when you’re looking for an accessible home, a few extra must-haves get thrown into the mix.


Accessible Design for the Future


In the past, buyers have worried that accessibility features might decrease a home’s resale value. With Baby Boomers now in retirement, though, we’ve seen a surge in people wanting to live at home as long as possible. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, the popularity of aging in place means the demand for accessible homes will continue to rise in the coming years. This is good news for anyone with a disability because it means there are more accessible homes to choose from and more resources for making any home accessible. And because this trend isn’t going anywhere, you can also be confident that an accessible home will retain value and resale potential.


List Your Wants and Needs


Accessibility means something different to everyone, so it’s good to start by making a list of what’s most important to you. Keep these ideas in mind too because they are some of the universal design features we see most frequently.


Multiple-Height Counters: We spend so much of our lives in the kitchen, and most of your work happens at your kitchen counter. Multiple-height counters, such as the ones featured in Architectural Digest, are ideal because anyone in the family can use them with ease. Consider the location and height of appliances too. Before moving, it’s a good idea to search online for advice on the best appliances in case you need to purchase any for your new home.


Wide Halls and Doorways: Regardless of your limitations or abilities, the most important thing is to be able to move around your home easily and comfortably. When searching for a home, look for wide doorways and open spaces. For example, a floor plan with open space that has access to multiple rooms is easier to navigate than one with rooms off a narrow hallway.


Hidden Features: Some features that make a home accessible aren’t always obvious, but they’re still just as helpful. You may want to look for a zero-step entry and a level walkway leading into the home. It’s also a good idea to look for accessible upgrades like hands-free faucets and lighting. Smart home technology is another newer feature we see when we buy houses. This technology allows you to use voice commands or your mobile device to make everyday tasks easier. You can find everything from advanced thermostats to smart locks.


Narrow Your Search


Finding the Right Floor Plan: For most people, universal design means finding a home on a single level. Because more people are looking for universal design, and because open-concept floor plans are popular in general, many new construction homes will have the layout you need. Besides new construction, some time periods and styles of homes are more likely to be accessible than others. For example, many mid-century homes are single-level. Also, some homes from this era have been remodeled to make them more open.


Location: As important as it is to find the right features, don’t forget to consider location too. Do you want your home to be close to your job? Does the neighborhood you’re looking in have sidewalks or access to public transportation? You will want to consider these accessibility issues when looking at homes in different neighborhoods.


With your basic list of needs in mind, it helps to know how to find these features. Narrowing your search is a good strategy because it gives you some direction. Finding the perfect accessible home may be a challenge, but fortunately, today’s market has more options than ever.


Photo credit: Pixabay

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