How It Works

How The Process Works


Can you relate to any of these scenarios–

  • You own unwanted rental property.

  • You have a vacant property.

  • Your house or condo needs repairs you can not make.

  • You inherited an unwanted property.

  • You need to relocate quickly and sell your current home fast.

  • You want to avoid costly realtor commissions.

  • You are going through a divorce.

  • You need cash for any of life’s emergencies.


Selling Your Property Is A Quick And Simple Process

We do not list your house like a real estate company would do. We are the ones actually buying your house. We pay cash, which allows us to close quickly (on your schedule). When you work with us there are no fees like there are when you list your house with a realtor. There are no extra costs. 

You don’t need to make any improvements or clean up your property. We will buy your house in as-is condition, no matter how ugly or pretty it is, no matter the location in New Jersey!

What Happens to the Property?

We have investors and a team of contractors that will bring your house or condo back to it’s original splendor. Some investors choose to rent the property and others choose to sell to a new individual or family. Our goal is to build neighborhoods. If you are interested in investing, or know someone who is, visit our Houses on Hudson website.

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