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Do You Really Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent in New Jersey?

What’s the first thing you do when you think of selling your New Jersey house? That’s right. You think of looking for an expert in essex real estate, or for short, a real estate agent. But, while that’s the conventional method, you can actually sell your house without hiring an agent, saving you both time and money, just by doing a bit of research.
Below, we’ll walk you through some of the costs commonly associated with listing with a real estate agent to determine if you really need to hire an agent or not.

The Costs of Pre-Listing

First things first. Before listing your property with an agent, take a look at the other homes for sale in essex first and see how much they’re valued. This should give you a clear estimate on what a fair price for your property is.
Remember, you will want to look at your property from a buyer’s point of view. That means being as objective and non-biased as possible. Is your house okay? Does it need repairs? How is its curb appeal? How well does it stack up against other houses?
For your house to sell, it needs to wow buyers, and that means looking better than other houses, needing very little, if any at all, repairs, and with a lawn that looks like it was maintained by professionals.
So, before you think about listing, consider how much you’ll have to spend for your house to stand out and be competitive in the market.

Agent Commission Fees

Now comes arguably the costliest part of listing a house.
Between the cost of advertising and marketing, hosting open houses, and the 6% commission fee, among others, you’ll be owing your agent a lot of money.
Before signing with an agent, make sure that you fully understand just what you’re going to be paying for at the end of the transaction. You don’t want to be surprised by just how much less money you’ll be pocketing once all is said and done.

Closing Fees

Even closing the deal will cost you money.
To give you a rough estimate, this will usually amount of around 2% of the final sale price, but you’ll want to make it 3-4% just in case. But, with a direct sale to a cash buyer like Cash Buyer New Jersey, you don’t have to worry about all of those costs.

Listing Your House Is a Gamble

Yes. Listing your house is a risk. There are no guarantees just as to how much you’ll get when selling your house, or when exactly it will be sold. This can put your life on hold, in a sense, and make it hard for you to plan for the future. Not only that, but, the longer your house is on the market, the more it will cost you – monthly dues, lawn maintenance, and regular cleanings, among others, will not come cheap.
As much as you’d like your agent to buy your house at the price you want, there is zero guarantee of that happening. Remember, there are plenty of other houses for sale in essex, and yours is just one of them. However, by foregoing an agent and working with a direct cash buyer like Cash Buyer New Jersey, you can simplify the entire process by selling your house as it is and knowing exactly how much you’ll be paid for it.