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Sell My House New Jersey | We Buy Houses New Jersey | How you can sell your home faster with staging

How you can sell your home faster with staging

Sell My House New Jersey | We Buy Houses New Jersey | How you can sell your home faster with staging
If you want your house to sell fast but aren’t ready to make a big investment, you can opt for staging. It refers to the process of making a home appealing to as many probable buyers as possible. Though there are many ways to stage a home, most involve these three steps.

  1. Get rid of personal items

You need to help your potential buyers visualize living in the home. You can facilitate this by removing all your personal belongings and style – right from your family photos, your kids’ toys, and knick-knacks to anything else from cabinets, drawers and closets, etc. that would remind a potential buyer that someone else is living in the home. You can pack these items in boxes and put them in a rented storage unit.

  1. Create Bright Open Spaces

Most buyers prefer bright open spaces. So, pull back curtains and blinds to let the natural light come in. if there’re some dark corners, consider adding a lamp or two to light them up. If needed, create more open spaces by replacing and/or removing furniture. You can rent newer pieces of furniture for staging your home. You could even rearrange the furniture (moving tables and chairs away from walls, grouping couches, etc.) to optimize space.

  1. Don’t forget the finishing touches

After you have depersonalized the space and made them bright and roomy, add some pops of color with pieces of artwork, accent pillows, a bowl of fresh fruit placed on the kitchen table, etc. Try to use consistent hues in every room to create a lovely aesthetic flow all through the home. For instance, if your home boasts of a neutral color scheme, you can make it feel more vibrant, welcoming, and cohesive by adding two to three bright accent colors in the right areas.
How can staging help?

Staging helps you to showcase your home in the best possible light. With staging, you’ll get:

  • More offers: Making your home look picture-perfect with staging will not only encourage more people to visit your home and be impressed but even bring more offers your way.
  • More money: Some studies show that with staging, a home could attract more offers by up to 10%. Considering that you won’t get a positive ROI (return on investment) with even the most major renovations (such as bathroom or kitchen remodeling), home staging is one of the few options you can use to get a much larger profit from your home’s sale.
  • Faster sales: Staging your home helps it to sit on the market for a lesser time with studies reporting staged homes selling 73% quicker on average. Prospective buyers find professionally staged homes “move-in ready” and “well-maintained”, which encourage them to close the deal fats by making a competitive offer.

How to stage your home to make it sell faster?
You can do it yourself if you’re adept in interior design and have the time and effort to invest in the job. But if you lack the expertise, or don’t have the desire and/or time to get your home in shape, it’s best to hire a professional for staging your home.