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To Stage vs To Renovate – Which Will Help Sell Your House Faster?


Investing a few dollars to spruce up a home is one of the best answers for the question, “how do I sell my house?”, or, better yet, “how do I sell my house for a little bit more?”.

But, the thing is, even though spending money can help you list your house at a higher price or help sell it faster or even better, there’s no guarantee that it will.

What will help up the chances of your house selling faster or for a higher price is if you invested the money in the right places.

Staging and renovating a home are often considered the two best ways to spend money on a property if you want to increase its value. However, both are also not cheap. Renovating a home, in particular, can cost a prospective home-seller thousands of dollars, and not everyone can afford to do that.

So, which one is the better option? Do you stage a home or do you renovate it?

Why Staging Is the Better Option to Help Sell Your House

Take a close look at your property, preferably from the perspective of a homebuyer or an inspector, and ask yourself what you see.

Is it the walls that need to be repainted? Or the hardwood floors that need to be replaced? What about the ceiling? Do they look old? Does the lawn look inviting? You see, the key to knowing what your house is missing to take a close look at it and see it as if you were the homebuyer yourself.

Once you do that, you’ll notice just how many repairs your home is in need of, especially once it’s been emptied out and being readied to be put up for sale.

In that case, staging becomes a more attractive option. Why? Because, with staging, you won’t have to replace those wood floors. Sure, you might still need to repaint the walls and do a few other minor touch-ups, but with staging furniture, you can make it so that your house’s positive assets are highlighted while every one of its minor problems do not become glaringly obvious during house viewings.

Does this mean that you’re hiding the obvious defects of your home? No. Rather, you can think of it as making potential homebuyers focus more on what their possible future home could look like once they move in, and less about how your house has many not-so-obvious assets that they’d need to worry about.

Remember, people have a tendency to tunnel vision and key in only on things that’s in front of them. That means, if they see a house with a lot of repairs, they see it as it is – they don’t see potential.

By staging  your house, you show buyers the full potential of their lifestyle once they’re there, making it look more attractive.

Your goal when staging your house is to give buyers that “feeling” that they can’t explain, but they know that, once they step inside your house, they’ll want to get the papers ready and sign it right away.

If you do that, you’ll sell your house faster.

Of course, if you don’t want to have your house staged or renovated, there is another way.

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