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What Is Keeping Your Home From Selling?

I need to sell my house in Bergen County NJ but despite all my effort, I am yet to get any offers. I wonder why. – If this scenario resonates with you irrespective of whether your house is in Bergenfield, Palisades Park or Edgewater, you need to take a closer look at what you are doing. From setting an unrealistic price and hiding significant problems to not staging your house properly, there could be many reasons why your house isn’t selling. Here are some key pointers that may be preventing your property from being sold:

  • Setting an unrealistic price: While too high a price would keep the buyers away, too low a price may make potential buyers wary about hidden problems or issues. Remember how you did a comparable market analysis to find a fair price while buying your house? Your buyers too are likely to do the same. So, quote a fair price and be flexible in case your potential buyers negotiate the rate. When wondering how to sell your house quickly, setting an unrealistic price could act as a big deterrent.
  • Not listing photos:  Since most home buyers search propertiesReal Estate Photographyonline these days and often shortlist the ones with property photos, not listing photos of the property in clear light would rob the potential buyers of getting an idea of the house, its features as well as its surroundings. Since some property listing sites even allow 3600 wide angle shots, not leveraging them would mean you are beaten by others who showcase the best features of their property using high-quality photos.
  • Hiding significant problems: From leaky roofs and creaky doors to plumbing problems, the buyer’s inspection will unearth them all even if you try to hide them. It’s better to get your house in Bergenfield, Palisades Park or Edgewater inspected before selling your property quickly. Though fixing the problems is a good choice, you may even price the property below market value or list it at a nominal price with an offer of credit to the buyer for fixing the problem. But not doing any of these and trying in vain to hide the problems would make it difficult to close your home’s sale.  
  • Not staging the home properly: From cleaning the home to giving it a fresh coat of paint, fixing that broken doorknob and getting rid of stale odors, your home needs to look inviting to potential buyers. Not investing time and money to stage your home properly would create a negative impression of potential buyers who may shy away from putting forward their offers to buy.

So, check if any or some of these are coming in the way of selling your property quickly. Getting buyers for a well maintained and properly staged property in Bergenfield, Palisades Park or Edgewater shouldn’t be an uphill task. Whether you want to sell your property for cash or otherwise, you just have to steer clear of the common pitfalls as mentioned above to close the deal fast.