sell house fast in new jersey

Step-by-step 7 point checklist sellers can use to prep their home for sale

If you’re planning to sell your home located in Bergen County’s Paramus or Leonia or in Hudson County’s Guttenberg or Secaucus, you need to consider some serious steps before you place your advert in homes for sale in Bergen County Or Passaic county NJ or houses for sale in New Jersey category. Remember that potential buyers are more interested in a home that is neat, uncluttered, clean, airy, fragrant, quiet and in good shape. Here’s a seven point checklist that you should use to make your home more welcoming and attractive.

  • Everything is cleaned: Cleanliness signals a buyer that your home is actually cared for and most likely is in good repair. So, dust the fan blades and top of fireplace mantle, polish the faucets and appliances and wash the windows thoroughly. If you don’t have enough time for all these, consider hiring a professional agency that’ll do the job for you.
  • It’s uncluttered: Potential buyers always want to focus on how stunning your home is instead of its messy look. So, remove the piles of shoes from your entry, heap of mails from your table to reveal your property’s actual gorgeous features before putting a placard that says need to sell my house in Bergen County NJ outside your home.
  • It’s well maintained: From the time you place an advert that states ‘I want to sell my property quickly’, keep your lawn scythed, gardens weeded, shrubs trimmed and rooms spotless irrespective of whether your home is in Bergen County or Hudson County.real-estate-1686332_960_720
  • It’s flawless: Inspect your home meticulously with the eyes of a buyer. Rectify the egregious flaws from repainting drab walls, oiling creaky hinges to repairing cracks in the walkways.
  • It’s filled with fresh air: Buyers are usually most offended by odors coming from pets, cooking, tobacco, and sour or musty laundry. Get rid of all these to provide the buyers with a familiar and pleasant experience. You can use potpourri and fresh flowers to make the home fragrant.
  • It’s well-lit: Before you put up your home for sale in Teaneck and Clifton real estate category, remember to make your home well-lighted. Open the blinds, raise the shades and put brighter bulbs in the lamps. Remember that open and bright rooms provide a larger feel and are more inviting.
  • It’s ready to show: Now when you’ve got a potential cash buyer in New Jersey, be ready for the showing. Display bowls of fruit or fresh flowers, open the drapes for a homey smell and keep the pets away.

Follow the points on this checklist and start negotiating the price with prospective buyers you’ve obtained from your Teaneck house for sale advert and try to make the most out of the negotiation to sell your property quickly. (201)472-3554