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Should I Sell My House New Jersey in ‘As Is’ Condition?


Sell my house New Jersey

Sell my house New Jersey is not always an easy task. One challenge many sellers face is getting their home into sellable condition. This often requires extensive repairs that can take up a lot of time and cost a good amount of money.

One option seller have is to sell their home in ‘as is’ condition. This tells potential buyers who are looking for New Jersey houses for sale that what they see is what they get. It lets them know that the seller will not be making repairs. It also tells them that they are likely to buy the home at a reduced price.

This article will discuss what’s involved when you sell your house in as is condition and whether it’s a wise choice.

What is Involved When I Sell My House New Jersey As Is?

When you list your house in as is condition, you are telling sellers that are looking for New Jersey houses for sale they will be purchasing your home with all its current issues and flaws. It lets them know that you won’t be doing any repairs to correct these issues.

To ensure everything is done by the book, you will need to fill out a Disclosure Statement. This is a legally binding agreement that describes all the home’s flaws so the buyer will know exactly what they are getting into. It requires you to disclose the state of the roof, foundation, crawl spaces, attics, systems, major appliances and more at the time of the sale.

A disclosure agreement is necessary in every home sale, but it’s especially vital in an as is home sale as it ensures the buyer won’t encounter any surprises. Failing to produce a disclosure agreement can lead to serious legal consequences.

Pros and Cons to Selling Your Home in As Is Condition

There are a variety of pros and cons involved in selling your home in as is condition. Here are some to consider:


  • You Will Save a Lot of Money: Home repairs can cost thousands of dollars. You will save a substantial amount of money forgoing the repairs. You will get a lower price for your home sale, but you won’t have to shell out a lot of cash before you have the capital from the home sale.
  • Speeds Up the Process: Getting repairs done through a contractor can take a long time. This prevents you from putting your home on the market right away. If you sell as is, you won’t need to deal with time-consuming repairs so you can sell your home immediately.
  • Reduce Inspection Bargains: A home sale typically involves an inspection process where unreported damage may be found. Additional negotiations may take place based on the findings. When you sell your home as is, buyers expect to accept damage and aren’t as likely to negotiate for a lower price.


  • Difficult to Find Buyers: The biggest con of selling your home in as is condition is that it’s difficult to find buyers. Buyers may see your home and be turned off by its condition. They may realize that it will require expensive repairs that they don’t want to deal with, and they may be unsure of its potential.
  • Low Offers: Buyers may realize that it will be hard for you to sell your home and make you offers that are even lower than the asking price.
  • You Will Still Have to Do Repairs: Selling your home in as is condition does not eliminate repairs completely. It’s likely you will still be required to make some minor repairs. It’s best to find a buyer that offers a good price and asks for minimal fixes.

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How a We Buy Houses New Jersey Company Can Help

Another advantage of selling your home in as is condition is that you have the option to sell to we buy houses New Jersey companies. These are companies that specialize in buying homes in as is condition. Just tell them the details of your home and they will make you an offer. If you accept, you can move in just a few days.

Selling your home through these companies offers a wide range of benefits. They eliminate stressful showings and open houses. This, combined with no need for loan financing, reduces the selling process significantly. Most sellers that go this route can move out of their home in 10 days to two weeks.

They completely eliminate the biggest issue with selling a home in as is condition, finding a buyer.

Sell my house new jersey in as is condition is a convenient option. But it comes with its share of challenges. Finding a company that specializes in as is buying is a recommended solution.

We wish you luck in selling your home quickly and easily.