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Is Gray Out and Color In This 2020?

It’s a new year, and you know what that means — it’s time to redecorate and update home decor!

For 2020, home decor trends seem to lean towards less monotonous colors like gray, whites, and beiges and more towards accents and colors. 

Below are a couple more predictions from well-known interior designers about what kind of home decor will trend in 2020. 

1).The return of floral wallpapers

Wallpapers died out a couple of years ago (or more like a decade), but better and more affordable alternatives have led to their comeback. In particular, modern floral-patterned wallpapers are expected to trend this 2020, such as those with metallic and textured designs, or bold patterns. 

2).Bluer than blue

No, we’re not talking about Michael Johnson’s classic song. We’re talking about how blue will take over design trends this 2020. This is largely because the Classic Blue color was declared by Pantone as the Color of the Year for 2020, and well, why not? From the Classic Blue to the Navy and Royal Blue colors, expect this highly versatile and sophisticated color to be the trend going forward.

3).More color, especially in kitchens

For years we’ve been told to stick to a couple of colors in kitchens. Not this 2020. 

From a mix of bright colors and natural wood shelves to whatever it is that you can think of, we’re slowly deviating from plain-colored kitchens to more colorful alternatives.

4).Vintage is everything 

If it seems like we’re traveling back in time, we supposed that’s just how fashion and design works. Because, really, from the more contemporary furniture that has been the trend in recent years, we’re seeing more and more furniture start to resemble the furniture pieces of the 1800s and the 1900s. 

Of course, as with anything else, use vintage accordingly. Unless you’re going full-vintage, use vintage furniture and art as a statement or accent pieces. 

5).Contrasting decor

Speaking of colorful kitchens, contrasting decor is in as well.

For 2020, don’t be afraid to NOT blend your furniture. Invest in decor that contrasts each other, like putting light-colored kitchenware in dark-colored cabinets, and so on. This contrast in colors helps make each of your decors stand out and act as individual accent pieces instead of blending in each other.

Of course, these new decor trends are a mere guide. You’re still free to decorate your home as you please. But if you pair these decor trends with your imagination, you’re sure to have a beautiful home this 2020.