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How to Sell House Fast – Tips for Selling a Fixer-Upper

Now that you’ve found your first fixer-upper project, you may be asking yourself, “how do I sell my house fast?”

After all, not everyone has disposable income. You’d like that money you sunk into the project to be recouped as soon as possible. But, that’s much easier said than done.

Even if your fix-and-flip investment looks like it’s ready to be featured on a magazine, selling it as a different story.

Remember, you’re not the only one who’s trying to make profit selling and flipping properties.

So, how do you do it?

1.    Take gorgeous photos of your property

You’d be surprised as to how much more responsive people can and will be if you can use high-quality photos when you have your property listed.

Higher-quality images, especially those done by professionals, highlight the best features of the house while minimizing the less glamorous ones in ways that an amateur like you could. From the crown moulding to the spacious backyard, and even granite countertops, all of these will be seen and featured prominently in professional shots.

Professional photographers also know how to make smaller spaces look bigger, giving off the illusion of grandeur and luxury.

2.    Be on social media

Listing with a real estate agent is no longer the only way to sell properties these days. You can do it yourself by going online.

Social media websites are prime resources for buyers and sellers alike. You’ll find plenty of interested home buyers scouring social media for potential deals, especially families who want to move to a bigger house or their first house.

Make sure that you show off your fixer-upper’s photos on all of your social media accounts.

Facebook and Instagram, especially are helpful with this. You can share your property there and ask your friends, as well as family members, to spread the word as well.

3.    Put up an in-depth video walkthrough of the house

Put together a video of the house as if you were showing someone the entire property.

These days, video walkthroughs have become integral to the home buying and selling process. You’ll need it to compete. More importantly, you’ll need it so that prospective buyers will get to see everything there is to know about the house with their very eyes.

If you can afford it, a virtual reality tour might even be a good idea.

Perhaps the best part about video walkthroughs is that they they make personal tours less of a necessity. This will save you a lot of time. Also, the videos make it easier to reach out to potential and interested buyers who might not be from nearby areas.

4.    Set up your own blog

If this is your first fixer-upper, this most likely won’t be your last.

This is why setting up your own blog is a great idea. This way, you have your own channel to market your properties in. Paired with social media presence, as well as YouTube, you’ll be selling fixer-uppers in no time.

Blogs also give you better credibility and a way to reach out to your audience in a more personal way.

If you don’t want to put up a blog, or can’t afford it, then at least create a website or page dedicated for your listing. This way, you have a complete description of your property that any interested buyer can access any time.

Sell House Fast Using These Tips

Selling a fixer-upper isn’t easy, but there’s a reason why investment homes are starting to attract more and more people – there’s a lot of profit to be had if you do it right.

By implementing the tips we gave above, you can make sure that you sell your fixer-upper fast.