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Sell My House New Jersey | We Buy Houses New Jersey | How to Sell a New Jersey House With Huge Repair Works

How to Sell a New Jersey House With Huge Repair Works

“I want to sell my house fast, but it needs a lot of repairs”
That’s a common phrase among homeowners in the New Jersey area, especially with how many real estate agents scare potential home sellers by telling them that they value of their property will decrease significantly if they don’t make a couple of repairs and renovations if it’s even listed at all.
So, is it impossible to sell a house with huge repair works? No.
Here’s why.

Why Selling to a Cash Buyer Makes Sense

You’ve seen their ads and websites before.
We buy houses NJ cash and fast”, that’s a phrase that most cash buyers and investors will highlight on their ads, or at least, something along the lines.
But, is it true? Do investors really not require you to make repairs to your house?
Yes. It is. Cash buyers aren’t interested in making a house that looks good. They’re looking for prime real estate, sometimes to act as a nest egg as they wait for the property’s value to increase, or as a quick flip, wherein they’ll be the ones to do the renovation and repair works to sell the house to a higher price.
Now, you may ask, why don’t I just do the repairs or renovations and sell my house on my own in the first place? Well, good question.
Why don’t you?
Well, between the costs of repairs, listing it on the market, fees for the real estate agent, and maintenance, plus other unexpected costs, repairing a home just to prep it for selling might not be worth the added premium on the price tag.
On the other hand, selling to a cash buyer means that your house will be sold fast and you’ll have your cash in hand in a matter of weeks — not months.
The process of selling to a cash buyer is pretty simple as well. Although it may vary slightly among different investors, but usually, the process only involves you talking over the phone with the cash buyers or investors and asking for a fair offer. They’ll then do a physical, ocular inspection of your home, ask for other details, and then give you a fair market offer for your house as is, without any repairs or renovations done!
If you agree to their price, all you need to do is to confirm the paperwork. You can even choose the settlement date yourself, so you don’t have to rush moving your stuff out of your house!

Sell My House New Jersey | We Buy Houses New Jersey | How to Sell a New Jersey House With Huge Repair Works

Sell to a Cash Buyer Today, Get Your Cash in Hand in Weeks

Cash buyers do away with the bank approvals, long appraisal wait times, or even home inspections.
It’s a three-step process that takes weeks, if not a month at most.
If you’re looking to sell your New Jersey property as-is and get a decent amount of cash for it, look into reputable cash buyers and investors in your area that are willing to take it off of your hands.