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How to Sell a Home in a Buyer’s Market


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If you are looking to sell house fast in New Jersey, you may be up against some challenges, especially if it’s a buyer’s market. A buyers market occurs when there are more homes for sale than buyers looking to purchase. In these cases, supply outweighs demand making it difficult for you to move on.

Fortunately, there are strategies that will help you sell your home quickly. Read on to find out some worthwhile tips.

How to Sell House Fast in New Jersey in a Buyer’s Market

Hire an Experienced Agent:

An experienced agent will be valuable in helping you sell house fast in New Jersey in a buyer’s market. They will recommend updates that will make your home more attractive to buyers. They will find a price point that allows you to sell your home quickly while still making a profit.

Consider FSBO:

FSBO or For Sale By Owner is a good option in a buyer’s market. It eliminates agent fees so you won’t be taking as much of a hit considering you may have to sell at a lower price point.

Offer Buyer Incentives:

There are several buyer incentives you can offer to sweeten the deal. These include:

  • Add-ons: Add-ons such as window treatment, lawn equipment, grills, a home warranty, and other perks will make your home more sellable.
  • Play Closing Costs: Offering to cover the buyer’s closing costs will be an attractive option for buyers that don’t have a lot of liquid cash available.
  • Allow Rent to Own: A rent-to-own agreement involves the buyer paying monthly rent which goes towards an eventual down payment. It opens the door for buyers who are not currently looking to own but may consider that option sometime in the future.
  • Offer to Pay for Repairs: If an inspection turns up issues, you can make the negotiating process easier by offering to make repairs before closing, or by lowering the price to cover the cost of repairs.
  • Owner Financing: A seller financing agreement means you accept a larger down payment on the property by assuming the risk of the buyer defaulting. In this situation, you are basically acting as the lender. This can appeal to buyers who want to avoid a high financing fee.
  • Pay Discount Points: When you pay buyer discount points, you are essentially giving the buyer money so they can lock in their interest at a lower rate than what they would get if they didn’t have those extra funds. One point equals 1% of the sale price and it can lower interest rates by one-eighth to one-quarter of a percent. It’s ideal for borrowers looking to lower their monthly payments and overall interest paid. It also helps people with low credit scores get approved for a mortgage.

Make Repairs

The better your home looks, and the better condition it’s in, the more likely it is to sell. Making repairs before you put your property on the market will make it appealing to owners. You can do everything from small repairs, such as repainting, to large repairs, such as replacing the roof. It all depends on your budget and what’s needed in your home.

Price Competitively

It’s wise to price competitively when selling in a buyer’s market. You may consider pricing your home at or below market value. Talk to an agent to find a price point that will draw in buyers without causing you to lose your profits.

Make an Appealing Listing

It’s important to create a listing that will catch buyers’ attention. Get professional photos that show the home in its best light. Come up with a complete description that advertises your home’s finer points. Add video tours that will give people an accurate idea of what your home is like before they visit.

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Work with a ‘We Buy Houses NJ Fast’ Company

While there are things you can do to get your home to sell in a buyers’ market, the process will be slow and frustrating. You can avoid the hassles by working with a we buy houses NJ fastcompany.

These companies are cash buyers that will buy your home in as-is condition. They will eliminate the need for you to make repairs, host open houses and find buyers. In most cases, the entire process will take two weeks or less. And you may even get a better price than you would with a traditional buyer.

A buyer’s market puts sellers at a disadvantage. Fortunately, there are things you can do to increase your odds of making a profit. Offering incentives, creating appealing listings, making repairs, pricing competitively, or working with a cash buyer can boost your chances of success. We wish you the best of luck in achieving a positive outcome.