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5 Tips To Get Your New Jersey Home Sold Fast

The fastest way to sell your New Jersey home is to contact a trusted and legitimate “We buy houses NJ for cash” company.
But, what if you want to go through the traditional home selling process? Is there a way to sell a New Jersey home faster than the national average of 80 days?
Below are 5 tips that can help you sell your New Jersey home fast.
1. Sell at the Right Time
According to statistics based on data gathered from the New Jersey market in 2020, the best time to list your home for the most profit is July, but the fastest that it will sell by is usually in June.
Of course, this can vary depending on your city. But, regardless of which city in New Jersey you live in, the reasoning behind why June and July are the best times of the year to sell New Jersey properties is sound. This is mostly because parents are on the lookout for a new house to move into during summer.
2. Make Your Home Appealing to Buyers
As much as we’d love to objectify the home-buying process, the fact is, it’s mostly based on gut feel.
Unless you’re selling to a cash buyer, the typical homebuyer based his or her decision on whether or not they feel your home. Your job, then, as a seller, is to stage your home so that potential buyers can picture themselves living in your home.
Proper staging with the help of an interior designer can help you achieve this effect.
3. Hire a Photographer
Before you ever get a chance to give potential homebuyers a feel for your home, you’ll have to attract them first.
One common area where plenty of home sellers skip is their photos. They often take the photos themselves and list their property, thinking that it’s enough. Well, it’s not.
The best way to show off your home and make it as appealing as possible in the eyes of a buyer is to make it stand out from other listings. Hiring a professional photographer with a keen eye for detail can help you show off the interior, as well as the exterior, of your property, and what makes it worth buying.
4. Be Accommodating
If possible, accommodate buyers at their most convenient time — not yours.
Even if it’s not a good time for you and/or your family, turning away a potential buyer is a big no-no.
5. Price Your Home to Sell
This is where you should get objective.
Potential homebuyers generally don’t care about the history or heritage of your home. As such, it’s important that you price your home competitively, preferably right around its estimated market value if not lower. But, at the same time, don’t price it too low either. This is because that’s a good way to lose yourself thousands of dollars.
If possible, hire a realtor to perform a comparative market analysis to help you determine a fair and competitive price for your property.
Of course, as mentioned earlier, if you want to sell your New Jersey home fast, your best option is to sell it to a “We buy houses NJ for cash” company. Although you’ll have to sacrifice quite a bit of equity when selling to a cash buyer, you do get the benefit of being able to close the deal on your New Jersey property in as little as a month or two without having to stage your home, negotiate with potential buyers, and/or deal with renovations or repairs.