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Why Won’t My House in Bergen Not Sell?

The thing is, selling a house is not easy. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Bergen County, or in Hudson County, or anywhere else in New Jersey or the world, for that matter. Selling properties is a tough business, especially if the market is down and more people are looking to sell than there are looking to buy.
But, as tough as it is to sell a house, there could be a couple of legitimate reasons why your Bergen County home is not selling as fast as you’d like, such as:

1.     Overpriced

Take a look at the market around you. How much do the houses sell for? How much are you selling your house for? How long does it usually take for a house in your area to sell?
If your property has been on the market for quite some time, it is possible that you might be asking for too high of a price.

2.     Unfixed Stuff

Broken and unfixed stuff in the house scares prospective buyers. After all, if there are broken things that can be seen immediately as you enter a house, what else could be broken that’s not visible to the naked eye, or at least, not evident at first glance? Not to mention, too many broken things speak to the overall condition of the house, and all in all, it just doesn’t paint that good of a picture.
Compare this to a house that’s well-maintained with all of the little details fixed.
If a buyer walks into a house like that, they’ll think that the seller is a responsible home owner and they’ll be much more confident about making a purchase, even if they have to pay a premium for it.

3.     Over Improvement

An opposite to leaving stuff unfixed, there’s also the case of over improvement.
Sometimes, homeowners improve their house thinking that buyers will like what they did, but, the truth is, what they have done might have just turned off most interested buyers.
Remember, if you plan on repairing your house to sell, don’t renovate it to the point that it speaks more about your personality anymore. Buyers want to feel welcome and at home when they step inside your house, so, going for a more “neutral” renovation is the best way to go.

4.     No Help

Work with an experienced real estate agent that has had tons of experience working with Bergen County real estate properties. This way, you know exactly what they are doing. Sure, you’ll have to pay quite a bit for their services, but it’s worth it when the return is that you’ll be getting more than what you initially paid for.
Remember, your real estate is a huge investment if not your biggest ever – listen only to the pros.
If your house near Bergen County is not selling, you may want to look at these reasons. There’s a huge chance that you’re making at least one of these mistakes. If nothing else, you should look at working with professional cash buyers in your area.
Here are Cash Buyer New Jersey, we buy houses as is, with cash, without asking for any renovations and with very little questions asked!