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Ten Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Bergen County

Bergen County is an incredible place to find yourself and your family. For anybody considering making the move to this wonderful, Northern New Jersey County, we’ve compiled a handy list of important things to know.

  1. Bergen County was one of the first four original colonies established in New Jersey.
  2. Get to Manhattan in just over 30 minutes from Bergen County by car.
  3. Bergen County boasts an unbelievable 900 acres of beautiful open parks and public green space.
  4. Bergen County is one of the last counties in America to still observe Blue Laws. This means that non-food businesses cannot open on Sundays, keeping traffic and noise levels to a minimum.
  5. Bergen County is consistently rated as having some of the best schools in the country. With a number of top-ranked public and private schools, Bergen County is an excellent place to raise, educate, and motivate your kids!
  6. Bergen County has the highest population of all the New Jersey counties. In 2017, the Bergen County population was 905,116. This will give you lots of great opportunities to meet all the wonderful people of Bergen County!
  7. Hackensack, the largest city in Bergen County, is home to one of the country’s largest employers. The Hackensack University Medical Center employs nearly 8,000 Bergen County residents.
  8. Did you know that Bergen County used to be motion picture capital of America? In the early 20th Century, historic Fort Lee was home to many prominent movie studios, and the movie industry continued to play a large role in the growing economy of Bergen County.
  9. Bergen County is home to some of the most beautiful nature preserves and hiking trails on the coast. Take a trip to one of these scenic spots, just minutes from the city!
  10. Bergen County has one of the most diverse communities in New Jersey. Bergen County is home to large Italian, Irish, Jewish, and Korean communities among others!

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