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Information on Common Architectural Styles of Bergen County

Bergen County can be a beautiful place to call home, and is home to some of the most stunning architecture on the coast. Here is a handy list of common architectural styles in Bergen County.
English Tudor or Cottage Style
The English Tudor Cottage Style is very common in Bergen County. With sloping roofs, deep brick, and gorgeous windows, these English style homes are timeless. Reminiscent of the English Tudor Period, these homes have a charm that just keeps giving. The English Tudor style is immensely unique, and will definitely set itself apart from the rest of the homes on the block. Stand out from crowd with this wonderful home that boasts distinguished character and sort of fairytale appeal.
Queen Anne Style
Sometimes referred to as the Princess Anne style, these homes are known for their often large, wrap around porches and high ceilings. Homes built in the Queen Anne style are regal and wonderful for large families. The traditional round tower will give your home some extra height, and could be a potentially great spot for kids to hide and play!
Neoclassical Style
Symmetrical and classic, the neoclassical style of architecture stands in for a philosophy or design and construction that is timeless, straightforward, and balanced. Neoclassical homes are often evocative of the Civil War and post Civil War period. You will notice how symmetry runs through the entirety of the home, from the entry way all the way down to the interior wall designs and moldings.
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