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Land Buying Problems to Avoid

When buying land either as an investment or for building your home, it comes with its own set of problems. In order for you to reach a buying decision, you will need to weigh your property needs against the challenges. When you avoid these problems, it will ensure that the land you purchase in Bergen County is worth the money you spend. Here are some of the problems to avoid:

  1. Shrinking land

In this case, you should not rely on the legal description of acres of land listed in the sellers’ title deed. When you carry out the evaluation of deeds against the up to date land surveys, it will ensure that all changes are noted and any problems found can be solved. As a land owner or when you are buying land, you should make sure that what is written in the title deeds matches what the property is. For example, if the land is cited 5 acres in the deed, the land should be 5 acres in reality.

  1. When your mother -in- law has to move into the house with you

This is a problem that occurs when one has plans to build a separate house for their mother in law on the land that you bought but later discover that the zoning restrictions do not allow you to build another person’s house there. When buying land, you should make sure you can use your property the way you want and that all your plans can be accommodated in it. Check all the zoning with your lawyer so that such a problem does not arise in future.

  1. A graveyard in your property

If you buy a property and later realize that it has a graveyard in it, it can be very scary for you. This is the same case when you find other conditions such as wetlands in the property. You should be aware of any environmental or historical conditions found in the property before buying one. In order for you to know this, you need to conduct a survey or an inspection.

  1. You can’t get to your new home

Such a problem arises when you buy a piece of land thinking that you could use the nearby driveway only to find out that the driveway is not on your land. Ask first so you get a confirmation of whether you can have access to a certain thing before buying the land and build a home. This will ensure that you enjoy your land and your home with no problems.
In order for you to live happily in your home or do everything that you have planned with your land, make sure you do the above things. The above tips will help you stay on the safe side. A lawyer can help you through with the whole process.