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What Listing Your New Jersey House Costs You

Did you know that you can sell your New Jersey house without listing it with other homes for sale in bergen county NJ? Hiring an agent may be the conventional method, but as you’ll soon learn, you have other options. You’ll be especially interested once you know just how much listing your New Jersey house is costing you!
Most people list their house expecting it to do well. The reality, however, is that not every property does well on the market. This holds true even if you spend your hard-earned time and money renovating the property in an attempt to make it stand out and sell fast.
Having said that, we listed down the different costs involved with hiring an agent and listing your house.

1.     Agent Commission

Regardless of how much your house sells for, your agent is entitled to receiving a figure around 6% of the final sale price. If you happen to find an agent that doesn’t really care about how much commission he or she receives just so your house is sold, then that’d be awesome. But, that very rarely happens, and most agents what high commissions, so they jack up the price of your property, resulting in it taking a well to sell. Besides, even if the fee is worth it, you’ll still be a few thousand dollars short, so there’s that.

2.     Additional Expenses

In addition to the commission, you most likely have to reimburse the costs for the flyers, listing fees, and open house catering as well. So, before you sign, make sure that you’ve read the listing agreement so you know exactly what you’ll have to pay for in the end.

3.     Professional Cleaning

Anything that’s not going to be replaced will need to be cleaned by professional cleaners, and they don’t come cheap. Further adding to the costs is having to have the property cleaned regularly until it’s finally sold.

4.     Storage and Staging

Because so many people will be viewing your house, you’ll want to put all of your stuff in storage first, and unless you have a bodega in your new house, that won’t come cheap. Also, although it’s not necessary, hiring a professional to stage the house and make it look appealing in the eyes of prospective buyers is an additional expense that you may have to spend for just to get your property off the market.

5.     Upgrades and Repairs

Remember, you’re not just selling your house as it is; you have to make it look attractive to buyers. This includes repairing anything that needs fixing and replacing anything that can no longer be fixed. The cost of doing so can easily add up, especially once a potential buyer comes in to do an inspection and finds something that they do not like.
Of course, you’re not in any obligation to repair and upgrade anything. However, with all the houses for sale in bergen county NJ, you’re only chance of ever selling your house is to make it look brand-new.

6.     Landscaping

Again, you’re not in any obligation to make your lawn look like it’s the Garden of Eden, but it does help make it more marketable.
The curb appeal and the overall appearance of your house can make or break how your property will fare on the open market. Just keep in mind that even when you’ve spent money hiring a professional landscaping company to make the lawn look good, there’s still no assurance that buyers will come flocking to it.

7.     Monthly Dues

The longer your property goes unused, the more it becomes a liability. This is why house flippers will gladly sell houses for a lower profit if it means getting it off their hands as soon as possible. The cost of taxes, insurance, mortgage, and other monthly utilities can easily add up over time.
Listing your house with a bergen county real estate agent may be the most appealing choice to you, but it’s not always in your best interests. Between the cost of prep work and maintenance, listing your house isn’t always worth the higher price.
If you want to sell your property fast and as it is, professional property buyers such as Cash Buyer New Jersey will be glad to help you.