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Sell My House New Jersey | We Buy Houses New Jersey | Top 3 tips to get a higher home appraisal value when selling

Top 3 tips to get a higher home appraisal value when selling

Sell My House New Jersey | We Buy Houses New Jersey | Top 3 tips to get a higher home appraisal value when selling
When you’re selling your home, you surely want to ensure your home appraisal value to be as high as possible. There’re some hard data such as the number of rooms your home has, the selling price of a comparable property in the region/neighborhood, etc. based on which your home would be appraised. Though you can’t do much to change these things, you can certainly present your home in the best light possible while making the appraiser’s task easier such as helping him/her find relevant information related to your home’s present value.
Here are three ways that can help you get a higher home appraisal value:

  1. Make a list of home improvements you’ve made

Before the arrival of the appraiser, create a list of the work you have done to improve your home (such as fixing a leaking roof, changing the bathroom’s plumbing, etc). Make sure to jot down the work done and the date of completion. If possible, include receipts and/or applicable permits, if any, as well. Since neighborhood comparables play a significant role in a home’s appraisal, having a long list of improvements handy is likely to get you favorable numbers in the final appraisal. However, make sure to focus on improvements that are really worth and are a permanent addition to the home rather than being merely of aesthetic value.

  1. Do your homework to be able to explain the comparables

Make sure to do some research on the properties in your area/neighborhood that have sold over the past 6 months. In case a home has been sold for less than what you would like yours to appraise for, identify the reasons. Perhaps it had old-fashioned bathrooms or some structural issues. Make sure to share this information with your appraiser so they understand why your home should have a higher appraisal. Remember that the appraiser will simply gather the basic information on the price and size of the homes sold recently in your area/neighborhood. They won’t actually enter each of these homes to check their condition and would depend on the photos they pull up. Thus, they won’t know if the flooring showed signs of some wear and tear or the kitchen needed an urgent upgrade. The onus is on you to support your claims about why similar houses being sold for a lower value had problems, which your home doesn’t have.

  1. Make the exterior look clean and attractive

Your home’s exterior is the first thing the appraiser will notice upon arrival. Though the appraiser will look beyond any window dressing, you can create a positive first impression by having a tidy and visually appealing exterior to show you take good care of your abode. From having the grass of your front yard nicely mowed (provided the weather allows it) and placing a fresh layer of mulch to positioning some colorful flower pots around, you can spruce things up a bit, which would help you get a higher appraisal.

Last but not the least is to give the appraiser some space to let them do their job. Don’t follow them around as it would be a red flag. Once they arrive, give them your home’s overview, talk about the improvements you have made, give them an idea of the neighborhood, and then let them do their work.
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