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How to Improve a Single-Family Property to Sell House Fast

What Is the Meaning of Home Improvement?

Everybody wants to sell house, or at least, get the most return out of their investments, but that’s not easy.

But, then again, even if it’s difficult, that does not mean that it’s impossible. In fact, a simple renovation can add tremendous value to your single-family property investment and make it sell faster, or at least, for a higher price.

The key here is knowing which projects will increase your property’s value the most.

Below, we have outlined key improvements that bring the most value to your property.

1.    Curb appeal

First impressions last, and there are fewer areas in your house that makes a good or bad first impression more than the curb.

Unfortunately, the curb and outside area of a home is often neglected by home sellers. They think that it doesn’t matter, probably because they’ve gotten used to it. That’s a wrong line of thinking that can cost you a lot of money.

Something as simple as replacing that old fence, as well as giving the exterior an extra coat of paint can make your house sell for more if not faster. Even just power washing the driveway can make it look cleaner and attractive.

If you have shrubs, flowers, or trees, consider hiring someone to give them some much-needed trim.

In any case, whatever you do, what shouldn’t be on your curb and yard are overgrown weeds, fallen leaves, as well as weather-stripped painting.

2.    Kitchen

Families put more emphasis on kitchens more than the average home buyer or renter.

For this very reason, you’ll want to do a kitchen remodel. In fact, according to research, it’s not impossible to recoup all of your kitchen renovation costs after selling your house, mostly because of how much value it adds to your property.

Even if you’re not looking to sell house fast, you can increase rent a lot just by making the kitchen look cleaner and better.

Quartz and cement, as well as granite, are always good options. But, regardless of your choice of countertop, what’s important is that it’s stylish, durable, and functional all at the same time. You might also want to give the kitchen a fresh coat of paint, as well as stain the cabinets to make them look better and new. However, if your older cabinets are made out of less-durable materials, like particle board, you can choose to have them replaced by something more contemporary.

Other kitchen renovation options include properly matched fixtures and appliances.

The more your house looks ready for occupancy after buying, the more you can drive the asking price up and improve the chances of the house selling fast.

3.    Flooring

Wood flooring can and will last a lifetime if taken care of properly. However, it’s not the only option you have as far as flooring options that increase value go.

For example, for families, they may opt for something like carpeting in bedrooms, as well as ceramic tiles, which are quite affordable and stylish although they don’t look as classy nor timeless as wood.

Because your target audience are families, you want something that’s durable enough but also something that won’t hurt the kids when they are running around and something that can easily be replaced at the same time.

Carpeting, as already mentioned, is a good example of a family-friendly flooring option, especially in bedrooms.

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Don’t Forget About Cash Buyers – We Buy Houses NJ

Cash buyers have this unearned reputation for undercutting home sellers. That’s not true. The truth is, cash buyer offers are fairly priced and no-obligation. Not to mention, the total contract price is as it is – you no longer have to worry about many of the typical costs associated with selling a house.

By selling to a cash buyer, you skip through a lot of the home-selling process, which means, at the end of the day, the “lower” selling price is offset by how little effort you have to give to sell your house.

Either way, make sure to apply these tips if you’re looking to make your fixer-upper single-family property sell for a higher price, or just want to increase its value.