5 Essential Advantages of Selling Your House to a We Buy Houses in NJ Company

As a seller, you might have certain preconceived ideas about what a real estate agent could do for you to help you sell your home in New Jersey quickly or what the experience would be like when working with such an agent. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you could sell your property directly to a company that says ‘we buy houses in NJ’? Whether your home is in Bergen County’s Bogota, Carlstadt, Closter, or Cliffside Park or in Morris County’s Chatham Borough or Chester Borough, a company that promises ‘we buy houses in NJ fast’ can make the selling process much faster, hassle-free, and effortless than if you were to hire a real estate agent and take the traditional route to sell it.

Here’s how such a company can help you get rid of your concern about “how to sell my house NJ fast”.

5 advantages offered by a We Buy Houses in NJ Company to a home seller

If you aren’t sure how such a company would help you, here are the top five advantages it’ll bring your way, which could let you decide:

  1. Transactions have a lower risk

Selling to a ‘we buy houses in NJ’ company is an extremely fast and simple process. They will lay out each step of the process and typically have very clear, shortened contracts that are straightforward as-is purchase agreements. Additionally, they’ll check your property and have a clear idea about the state it’s in, which will decrease your exposure to legal risks. This is unlike traditional real estate contracts where the buyers may end up finding something that you had forgotten to disclose or sue you if they feel you’ve either failed to disclose all the necessary information or misconstrued facts.

  1. Straightforward closing

Usually, a company that promises ‘we buy houses in NJ fast’ would pay you the full amount in cash. Additionally, such a company either won’t charge any transaction fees or charge a negligible amount compared to the commission you’ll have to otherwise pay to a real estate agent and your closing costs. Thus, selling your Bergen County or Morris County home would be a straightforward process that won’t involve steps like getting preapproved for a mortgage, property inspection, mortgage underwriting, etc. that are time-consuming affairs in traditional home purchases. And even after all these steps, your potential buyer may still fail to qualify in the end, which would mean searching for another buyer again and getting the selling process delayed.

  1. Purchase of your home on as-is basis

A direct buyer like ‘we buy houses in NJ’ company would buy your house as-is. Not sure how that would help you as a seller? For one, you won’t have to think about repairs or other additional expenses that you might have to incur otherwise to get your house ready for showings. Thus, selling your house as-is would help you save on such unnecessary expenditure before closing. Some of these companies may even forego home inspections, thus making the process a truly as-is transaction.

  1. Forget the stress of showings

Home sellers often get worried about staging their houses before showings or entertaining a lot of visitors at different times and answering their questions as patiently as they can while struggling to keep the place as clean and organized as possible. You can forget all such stress by working directly with a ‘we buy houses in NJ’ company that would make you an offer after a visit to your property.

  1. Get a suitable move-out timeframe

Since a direct buyer like a ‘we buy houses in NJ’ company is buying the house as an investment, they won’t plan to move into the property on the day of closing. This will let you get a suitable move-out timeframe after quick closing, which you can put to good use to relocate at your own convenience and pace. Additionally, you won’t need to clean the house when you move out, which would be a welcome benefit.

All these advantages make it a wise decision to sell your house directly to a company that promises ‘we buy houses in NJ fast’.


Top Ways to Make the Most of Your Unwanted House in New Jersey

An unwanted house, whether you own it in Bayonne, Hoboken, Guttenberg, or any other place in Hudson County, is both expensive and burdensome. Every expense associated with it might feel like a significant burden but you don’t wish to simply give it away. Fortunately, there’re some great strategies to get the most out of your unwanted house.

Let’s take a look.

Rent it out

Having the right renter is a perfect solution if you want to have a steady income stream. Note that we’ve used “the right renter” and not just a “renter”. This is because having the wrong renters might negate the advantages of renting the property out. From making repairs and chasing down the rent to experiencing high tenant turnover – there could be a lot of things killing the profits. However, an experienced property manager would be the best person to help you find the right tenants. And once you’ve got the right people in your house, you’ll start seeing the profits within a few months.

Sell the house as-is

Even if your house isn’t in an attractive condition or needs significant repairs, there’re always buyers especially we buy houses NJ companies that will purchase it as-is. You might not get retail value but selling the house with the help of a sell my house NJ company would help you get rid of it quickly while making a good amount of money. By taking this route, you can easily save thousands if you calculate property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, routine maintenance, repairs, and monthly utility bills that’ll have to continue paying month after month. The we buy houses NJ company will purchase the house without needing you to clean, repair, or upgrade it.

Contact a cash buyer

If you want to eliminate all the hassles of doing costly repairs, preparing the house for sale, and searching for the right buyer, simply sell it to a cash buyer. By selling the property to a company with we buy houses NJ tagline for cash, you’ll enjoy a plethora of advantages. First of all, you don’t need to hire a real estate agent, which means there’ll be no commission fees that you’d have to pay. Secondly, selling a property is a time-consuming process. You’d need to let people look around it, wait for their offers, and even if you find the right buyer, you might have to wait till his/her loan gets approved. With a cash buyer, you receive an offer, accept it, and start the paperwork right away. Finally, there’re several reasons why home sales fall through at the eleventh hour. The buyer may fail to qualify for the loan or just decide to look for another house. On the contrary, transactions are final and fast with a cash sale. Within a couple of weeks of contacting your chosen we buy houses NJ company, you should have the property sold and get the money.

If you don’t want to take any of the above-mentioned routes, there’s another option of holding onto the house for some time to see if its value goes up. However, then you must consider how much the house is actually costing you. If your answer is almost nothing, it could be worth waiting and follow the appreciation rates and market trends. In that case also, it’d be wise to approach a reputable we buy houses NJ company to make the process fast and simple.


Understanding the Differences between Mortgage Prequalification and Preapproval

Do you plan to buy a home in Morris County’s Mendham Borough, Madison, Montville, or Mine Hill? If yes, once you’re ready to apply for a mortgage, you’ll come to know of terms such as “prequalification” and “preapproval.” For you as a potential home buyer, it’s vital to understand what these terms mean and how different they are from each other. Whether you plan to buy from someone who’s ready to ‘sell my house in NJ’ or a cash buying company that says “we buy houses in NJ”, knowing what mortgage prequalification and preapproval are is important. Having this clarity would guide your home search in Mendham Borough, Madison, Montville, or Mine Hill, and let you focus better on properties you can afford. And when the time comes, such knowledge would also help you decide the amount you should offer to prove to the seller that you’re a serious buyer.

Mortgage prequalification vs. preapproval – the definition

Prequalification is the first step in your home buying journey. It would typically take 1 to 3 days to receive your prequalification letter. Mortgage prequalification involves supplying the lender or bank with all your financial information, including the details of your assets, debt, and income. The lender will also let you know about different mortgage options and ask you what you’re anticipating to get out of your mortgage. Next, the lender will assess your financial information to arrive at a ballpark figure, which would be the amount of money that you might receive.

It’s important to note that the actual amount of money you obtain for the loan may not be the amount you’re prequalified for. That’s because your lender won’t check your credit reports or conduct an in-depth digging during the prequalification process, but these would be done during the mortgage preapproval process.

Mortgage preapproval is the next step after you’re prequalified for a mortgage loan. It’s as close as you can get to validate your creditworthiness even when you don’t have a purchase contract in place. It could typically take about a week to get preapproval after you’ve applied for it.

Compared to prequalification, preapproval is much more detailed. Before you go on house hunting and plan to buy a property from a company that says ‘we buy houses in NJ for cash and sell them fast’, you need to know what prequalification is and how to get it.

For it, you must fill out an official mortgage application. When submitting this application, you’ll also need to provide your lender with extensive documentation required for the financial background and credit checks, such as your pay stubs, W-2, tax returns, and bank statements.

Your lender will review and assess this information to tell you the amount of money that you’ve been preapproved for. The lender will also discuss interest rates and could even lock in a rate right away. However, you should remember that the amount of money you’re preapproved for doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the same amount as your loan.

Points of difference between mortgage prequalification and preapproval

  • Credit history check: Prequalification doesn’t need it while preapproval does.
  • Mortgage application: You don’t need to fill it out for prequalification but must do it for preapproval.
  • Financial review: Prequalification doesn’t involve reviewing your finances while preapproval does.
  • Application fee: You don’t need to pay an application fee for prequalification but might need to shell it out for preapproval.
  • Down payment estimate: Prequalification doesn’t need an estimate of the down payment, unlike preapproval.
  • The amount of money you can borrow: Prequalification gives you an estimate of the amount of money you can borrow while preapproval gives you a specific amount that you can borrow.
  • Loan interest rate: When you prequalify, you won’t get information related to your loan interest rate but you’ll get it when you’re preapproved.

You should keep these differences in mind when planning to buy a home either from a direct seller who’s ready to ‘sell my house in NJ’ or a cash buying company that promises ‘we buy houses in NJ and sell them fast’.


Why Should You Hire A Local Realtor?

Whether you have a home in Passaic County’s Clifton, Bloomingdale, Ringwood, or Pompton Lakes, hiring a local realtor would let you sell it faster. “How do I sell my house in NJ?’’ is a question that often troubles prospective sellers in Passaic County, primarily because the home is perhaps their most valuable asset and they want to sell it at a good price. That’s where hiring a local realtor can help by finding potential buyers for you faster, who would be interested in buying the home and willing to give you the price you had asked for. A realtor who’s active in your local region will have adequate knowledge and expertise of the neighborhood, which would help you to get the best possible price and sell your home faster. Not sure who’s a local realtor? Let’s find the answer.

Local realtor – who’s it?

Earlier, a local realtor or agent meant someone who had a physical presence in the form of a brick-and-mortar office in the neighborhood. But that’s no longer necessarily the case today. Now, a local agent or realtor means someone who has a thorough knowledge of the local area and boasts of a strong sales record. It would help if he/she has dealt with properties similar to your home before, as that would stand testimony to his/her expertise in selling your home for a good price quickly. Those trying to find answers to ‘ways to sell my house in NJ faster’ could benefit a lot from hiring such a local realtor.

Top 5 reasons to hire a local realtor in Passaic County

If you’re still not sure why you should hire a local realtor to sell your Passaic County home, here are the top five advantages such a move would bring your way:

  1. Extensive inside knowledge of the locality

A local realtor lives and breathes real estate in your neighborhood. Thus, such a professional would know the local market trends, the fair price at which your home would sell fast, records of past sales in the region, the benefits of the locality that would attract prospective home buyers, etc. Additionally, such a realtor would have his/her network in the region to get valuable inside information that could help in upselling your home. All these will get reflected in a local realtor’s confidence, which would make potential buyers trust his/her sales pitch.

  1. Understand your home’s proper potential value

If your local realtor has recently sold a home adjacent to yours, one down the road, or one that’s a street or two away, he/she would have a clear idea of the price at which your home could get sold. Though property markets could change within a few weeks, an experienced local realtor would have an unmatched experience to get useful insights into the market and its trends in addition to having a clear idea of what prospective buyers are looking for and the level of demand that exist for homes like your own. All these factors would help him/her to assess the proper potential value of your home to let you get a good deal.

  1. Database of potential buyers

A local realtor who’s active in your area and has past experience in selling properties similar to yours would surely have an extensive database of prospective buyers. He/she can tap into it even before your home is put on the market for sale.

  1. Local testimonials

Once you have short-listed a few local realtors and are interviewing them, you should ask for testimonials from some of their past local clients. Reviewing such testimonials would give you peace of mind and confidence, and even let you have a fair idea of what you should expect. All these factors would let you make the right choice. And if you happen to know the persons who wrote some of those testimonials, you could even ask them directly to ensure you have indeed chosen the right local realtor.

  1. A strong network of local tradespeople

Since local realtors such as we buy houses NJ companies have a strong network of local tradespeople, they can get your property repaired or refurbished, if needed, quickly before it goes on the market. By tapping into their local network, they can get the most suitable professionals involved in the job at cost-effective rates to finish the job quickly and efficiently.

The next time you wonder ‘how to sell my house in NJ faster’ and are struggling to get your Passaic County home off your hands, remember to hire a local realtor to make the process seamless, efficient, and quick.


The Most Important Reasons to Use a Realtor When Buying a House

If you’re looking to buy houses in Bergen County’s Bergenfield, Allendale, Bogota, or Alpine, you should look for a New Jersey realtor who has experience in helping home buyers in Bergen County. An experienced realtor can answer all your queries related to “how do we buy houses in NJ easily?” and even streamline the entire process for you. Even if you prefer to buy the house from homeowners that display a board outside their property stating “I want to sell my house NJ quickly”, partnering with a realtor would be highly advantageous.

How a realtor can help?

Here are the key ways a realtor can add value to the home buying process:

  • Help you select the most suitable neighborhood: Before making a big purchase like a home, you should take into account different aspects like safety, taxes, nearby schools, options to meet your needs and interests, etc. to choose the right neighborhood. With the help of a realtor, the job would become easier and faster than if you were to do it on your own.
  • Facilitate focused house hunting: By short-listing the right homes based on your budget and other criteria, a realtor can save you precious time and effort to show you a handful of houses that you are sure to love.
  • Connect you with a home inspector: A realtor would minimize your risks when buying a home by helping you connect with a home inspector. This would ensure you know the important aspects of the property, including major or minor drawbacks, if any, and can negotiate the price accordingly.
  • Secure financing: Getting the right financing option to buy your chosen home would be made easier when you have an experienced realtor to help and offer advice. This can be especially handy when your first application has been denied.
  • Drafting the offer: Your realtor would help protect you and your deposit by including contingencies while drafting the final offer.
  • Better negotiations: Your realtor would be better positioned to work with you as well as the seller to get better offers to ensure you get a good deal for the agreed amount.

Due to all these reasons, people trying to find an answer to “how do we buy houses in NJ fast and in a hassle-free manner?” and having their eyes set on an Allendale, Bogota, or Alpine property decide to work with an experienced Bergen County realtor.

Things to handle when not working with a realtor

What would happen if you decide not to work with a realtor? You should be ready to walk down a difficult path and deal with a lot of things, the key among which are as follows:

  • Get your mortgage preapproved: If you aren’t buying the home with cash, you’ll have to submit all necessary documents (such as tax returns, proof of income, employment history, bank account details, driver’s license, Social Security card, and information on debts) for mortgage preapproval.
  • Make an offer: To ensure your offer is acceptable, you’ll have to decide the right price that’s competitive and protect your deposit money by including all contingencies.
  • Negotiate with the seller’s agent: From the timing and closing costs to the amount of earnest money deposit, you’ll have to negotiate a lot of things with the seller’s agent.
  • Secure financing: After your offer is accepted, you’ll need to secure financing from a mortgage lender. If you’ve already got your mortgage pre-approved, you should work with the mortgage lender to transition from preapproval to full approval.
  • Request and assess the seller’s disclosure: You’ll need to research and assess the seller’s disclosure on your own to find issues listed with the home and remodel projects completed if any.
  • Hire a real estate attorney: The attorney would help you prepare the home purchase documents, ensure the title is clear, and facilitate the deal to be closed without any legal hassles.
  • Purchase title insurance: You’ll need to get it to protect yourself and your lender from unidentified faults with the title.
  • Getting ready for closing: Multiple things need to be synchronized by the closing date. Typically, your realtor would have handled these things to ensure all paperwork is ready to be signed. But when you don’t have one, you’ll need to triple-check to make sure the paperwork is ready for closing.

Do all these sound like an uphill task? Do you need an easier answer to “how do we buy houses in NJ?” If yes, you can simply hire an experienced Bergen County realtor.


Comprehending Virtual Staging and Its Key Benefits

If you live in Hudson County and are looking for answers to ‘how do I sell my house in NJ fast’, you should consider virtual staging. Whether your house is in East Newark, Bayonne, Harrison, or Guttenberg, virtual staging, where you stage your home digitally, can help speed up the selling process. Since virtual staging makes use of photo editing software, potential buyers including individuals and we buy houses NJ companies not only can view the home’s present state but even visualize what it might be like to live in the home.

For instance, instead of a vacant home, one that’s virtually staged by adding new furnishings and the warm, bright light filtering into the rooms would appear to be far more appealing to prospective buyers. Be it adding furniture and certain aesthetic elements to empty rooms or refurbishing dated areas, virtually staged photos acts as lenses that would let your potential buyers see the home’s possibilities. And when they do so, the homes sell a lot faster. If you’re looking to sell your Hudson County home quickly and want a cost-effective way to ‘sell my house in NJ’, you shouldn’t look beyond virtual staging.

Key benefits of virtual staging

If you aren’t sure why virtual staging is the right choice for you, here are the key benefits it’ll bring your way:

  • Flexibility: Do you have a room that has outdated furniture or looks stuffy? You can easily virtually remove some furniture to spruce it up. Additionally, you don’t need to stage the entire house, if you don’t want to. You can select a few rooms or areas or some of the property’s unique selling points and stage those to attract buyers.
  • Customize the home for your audience: Whether your prospective buyers prefer a traditional or contemporary design or have a particular color scheme in mind when it comes to the décor, you can customize your home with virtual staging to suit those preferences.
  • Show the home’s fullest potential: Since not every prospective buyer is visual, you can use virtual staging to help them see what the home could probably look like. This way, you can provide the prospective buyers with value by displaying the home’s full potential.
  • Give an instant makeover to the home: Virtual staging is the perfect answer to “how do I sell my house in NJ quickly?” You can show off new, trendy furniture or make the home look completely different with a new coat of paint via virtual staging. If your home isn’t visually appealing, you can give it an instant makeover via virtual staging, which would make it desirable and help it to get sold faster.
  • A cost-effective option: When staging a home traditionally, you’ll have to incur several expenses on account of furniture and accessory rental, curating fees, moving services, installation, and other business costs. Thus, the total expenditure could be anywhere between $2,500 and $30,000, and sometimes, even more. In contrast, for every staged photo, virtual staging services typically charge $75 to $100. However, the actual cost depends on the amount of work and the complexity involved. For instance, virtual staging of a kitchen, which is a complex job, could run anywhere from $100 to $300. Yet, virtual staging is far more cost-effective than staging your home traditionally.

If ‘how do I sell my house in NJ’ is a question that worries you endlessly, you can use virtual staging to make your Hudson County home get sold faster and in a cost-effective way.


How to Find Out Whether You Are Overpaying For Your Dream House?

Buying a house in Union County’s Fanwood, Kenilworth, Garwood, or Mountainside involves a substantial amount and is perhaps one of your life’s most significant decisions. But if you’re buying your first house, you may get caught up in trying to buy your dream property and end up overpaying for it. Whether you’re buying it from a direct seller who’s ready to ‘sell my house in NJ fast’ or a company that buys properties for cash to sell them quickly and promises that ‘we buy houses in NJ as-is’, you should exercise due diligence. Not sure how you can steer clear of overpaying on your dream home in Fanwood, Kenilworth, Garwood, or Mountainside? Here are five tell-tale signs.

5 Warning signs that you’re overpaying for your dream home

  1. Listing price isn’t aligned with recent home sales of similar properties in the area: You should pay attention to the current housing market in the region and the community forecast to find if the listed price doesn’t line up with the recently sold comparable houses in the region. Instead of looking at what comparable houses are being valued at, you should focus on the amount people actually paid to buy similar homes most recently.
  2. The price is higher than the home valuations of online tools: If one or more reliable online valuation tools show the property value to be lower than its listing price, it could be a red flag. However, you should confirm it with your real estate agent as the latter could catch something that’s beyond the scope of an online valuation tool’s algorithm.
  3. It’s a stale listing: If your chosen house has been on the market for a significantly longer time than comparable houses in the area, it could be overpriced. And if it has spent a long time in the market, you could avoid overpaying by negotiating the price or get other valuable concessions, which the seller might be willing to offer.
  4. The price is similar to comparable unsold homes: If your chosen home’s asking price is similar to comparable homes that were unsold and taken off the market, there’s a good chance the property is overpriced. It’s important for you to know these numbers and avoid your emotions from influencing you into spending more on a house that you think you would be comfortable buying.
  5. It has home inspection issues: If a home inspector finds any issues with the house or it has some hidden maintenance issues that weren’t disclosed by the seller, you could end up overpaying to get the property habitable. For instance, buying a home with a badly-build foundation or one that needs you to overhaul the entire plumbing system could cost you significantly.

What can you do to avoid overpaying for your dream house?

Working with a buyer’s agent would be a good way to avoid overpaying. Such an agent would look after your best interests and will have an adequate understanding of the local housing market as well as the necessary inside information to gauge if the home has been priced fairly.

Another way to avoid overpaying for your dream house is to have an appraisal contingency in your contract. This is a clause included in your purchase offer that clearly mentions in case the home isn’t appraised for the price that has been agreed upon, you’ll be able to quit the deal with your deposit.

Whether you’re buying from someone who’s ready to ‘sell my house in NJ fast’ or a cash buyer that says ‘we buy houses in NJ for cash and sell it fast’, you should remember the pointers above to steer clear of overpaying on your dream house.


Reviewing the Steps of Buying a House Entirely Online

Today, you can buy almost anything online. And that includes a house as well. Yes, you read that right! You can now buy a home by completing the entire process online, right from finding a mortgage lender to closing the deal. If you’re looking to buy a house online in Essex County’s Fairfield, Livingston, Glen Ridge, or Bloomfield and are trying to find an answer to ‘how do we buy houses in NJ online?’, this step-by-step guide is just what you need.

Steps involved in buying a house online

Given below are the core steps that you’ll need to navigate when buying a house in Essex County online whether from we buy houses NJ companies or from individuals that advertise something like “I want to sell my house NJ”:

  1. Find a mortgage lender

You’ll need to do some online research to find a reliable mortgage lender that’s capable of conducting business with you virtually. The next step is to get your mortgage preapproved. This pre-approval process will help you identify the price of a home that you can afford and prove you have genuine intentions to buy. Getting your mortgage preapproved before you start house hunting would give you a competitive edge as you can make a faster offer than those buyers whose mortgage hasn’t yet been preapproved.

  1. Find a reputed and reliable real estate agent

When you’re searching for a house online and planning to complete the entire buying process online, you’ll need a reliable and reputed real estate agent, who would help you find a property that fits your budget, preferences, and needs. To make the right choice, you should ask your agent questions about his/her experience with remote purchases to get a fair idea of how comfortable it would be to work with him/her. Apart from his/her expertise, his/her inside knowledge too can be of great help when buying a house online.

  1. Short-list a few homes

This is an important step in ‘how we buy houses in NJ online’ where you’ll search a few real estate websites to find online listings of houses in your ZIP code that feature full property descriptions and multiple photos of different areas and rooms. You can even ask your real estate agent to send you recommendations for houses based on your criteria, which would help you to take your pick. Once you’ve short-listed two or three houses, you can take a virtual tour of the property, ask critical questions, and if satisfied, decide to move ahead.

  1. Make an offer

After you have chosen a house, work with your agent to know what the area’s housing market is like at present before you make an offer. Having this knowledge would let you make a competitive offer. You can complete this process online easily as your real estate agent would be able to send your offer letter to the listing agent through email along with the contingencies, if any. You’ll then be informed if your offer has been rejected, accepted, or countered-offered.

  1. Get ready for closing

After your offer is accepted, you should get ready for the closing process. You’ll need to complete a few steps before closing on your new house. This includes getting an appraisal, having an inspection done, and completing the underwriting process.

An appraisal would be typically conducted by a third party and once it’s completed, your lender will inform you and send you their report electronically, which you can review.

Getting a home inspection done during an online purchase is different from doing it during a traditional home sale where the inspector would let you know of his/her findings to give you clarity on the house’s profile. Since doing all these online isn’t always possible, you could ask your agent to be present at the house during the inspection to take photos, notes, or videos. Additionally, you should ensure the inspector emails you a detailed report to help you carefully analyze the house’s actual condition. Else, you’ll never know what you have walked into, especially when you’re completing the entire buying process online.

Your mortgage lender will handle underwriting by evaluating all of your financial records and finalizing the necessary paperwork you’ll need to close on the house. As an online buyer, this step would be a breeze as you’ll just need to monitor your messages in an online portal and emails to confirm that everything is processed as required and is up to date.

  1. Closing on the house

This is the last step where you’ll sign the necessary paperwork and hand over your down payment together with the closing costs in the presence of a notary agent (in-person or remote). After this, the house will be officially yours.

So, go ahead and enjoy this simple solution to ‘how do we buy houses in NJ online?’ by following the steps listed above.


An Overview of the Pros and Cons of Building Vs. Buying a House

The house-buying process is a significant decision of your life. Though it involves several key choices, one of the very first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you should build a house or buy an existing one. Irrespective of the location of your prospective house, which could be in Bergen County’s Allendale, Bergenfield, Alpine, or Bogota, you’ll have to consider the pros and cons of each option before choosing one.

If you decide to buy an existing house, you can speed up the process by choosing a company that says ‘we buy houses in NJ for cash and sell it fast’. Not sure if building or buying would suit you? We lay down both sides of the coin here to help you decide.

Building a house


The biggest advantage of building a home from the ground up is the ability to customize it the way you want to, provided it fits your budget. Be it creating the house’s layout, selecting the type of flooring, customizing features like a wheelchair-accessible shower or a 36-inch doorway, you can do them all to build your dream home.

Some other advantages are:

  • Building a house would also give you a good feeling of being the first owner and having created your own abode just the way you had envisioned it.
  • A newer house would be more energy-efficient, designed to meet the present building codes, and boast of updated features.
  • As everything is new, you can forget about the headache of replacements and repairs anytime soon.
  • You can ensure your home is environment-friendly and isn’t made using toxic materials like lead paint or asbestos.
  • You won’t need to compete with other home buyers.


Building a house from scratch and customizing its features could take about seven months from start to finish. The duration could be longer if there’s a natural disaster, work gets stalled by bad weather, or a human error has occurred that needs to be fixed before proceeding ahead. All these could make your wait to move into your new house much longer than if you were buying an existing one.

Some other disadvantages of building a house are:

  • You could incur price increase and unexpected costs if you aren’t careful.
  • You may feel overwhelmed while taking a lot of decisions such as plotting out the land, finalizing a floor plan, selecting the building materials as well as colors of the interiors and their finishes, etc.
  • You won’t have the chance to negotiate a lower price, unlike when buying an existing home from a seller.

Buying a house


The biggest advantage of buying an existing house is not getting stressed over purchasing the land, finding a reliable builder, and deciding about all the layout, design, finishes, etc. while trying not to overshoot your budget.

Some additional advantages include:

  • Your move into your home would be sooner than if you were building one.
  • You won’t need to worry about landscaping, especially if you don’t have a green thumb, since your house is most likely to have it.
  • You can negotiate a better (and lower) sale price.
  • You can make gradual renovations or upgrades as and when you have the money and time needed for them rather than trying to get it all done simultaneously.


The biggest disadvantage of buying an existing house is the compromise you’ll have to make with your desires and preferences as you won’t get all the things featured on your wish list.

Some other cons are:

  • You’ll incur additional expenses while trying to repair, replace, or maintain older pipes, appliances, and electrical systems.
  • You could be up against tough competition from other buyers, especially if it’s a seller’s market where sellers are looking to ‘sell my house in NJ fast’. It would be difficult even when you’re buying in a sought-after neighborhood, say in Bergen County’s Allendale, Bergenfield, Alpine, or Bogota.
  • You could suffer from buyer’s remorse if you compromise on a lot of things.
  • Due to older and less efficient heating and cooling system, your energy costs would remain steep throughout the year.

Whether you’re building a house or buying one from a company that promises ‘we buy houses in NJ and sell them at fair rates fast’, you should consider the above pointers to make an informed decision.


Key Tips to Choose the Right Location for Your Second Home

When you plan to buy a second home, your goals could vary. You may desire to get an investment property, have a vacation getaway to enjoy your favorite destination, or get hold of a weekend home where you can escape from your dull daily routine. If you’re looking for a property in New Jersey, you could consider companies that say ‘we buy houses in NJ for cash and sell it fast’ for a quick deal that’s cost-effective too. Be it in Union County’s Fanwood, Garwood, or Kenilworth or Morris County’s Kinnelon, Butler, or Chatham, such companies will surely help you find a suitable property that’s just right to become your second home. But before you go house hunting, you should have a clear idea of your needs based on the reasons for buying a second home. Let’s take a look into the details.

Questions to consider when buying a second home

If it’s an investment property, you should try to get answers to the following:

• What’s your level of understanding of real estate? Will it be enough to become a good landlord?
• Will you advertise and manage the property on your own? If yes, will you have enough time to handle all the tasks involved in the process?
• If you want to hire someone to advertise and manage the property, will the costs be lower than your rental income? What services will you need from such professionals?
• Does your chosen area have an active rental market? Have you researched the vacancy and turnover rates? Do properties there appeal to long-term renters?
• How fast are the property values in your chosen area appreciating? And are they increasing steadily?

If it’s a vacation getaway, the questions to ponder upon include:

• What are the different types of holidays that you enjoy the most? Is it hiking through the mountains, exploring new neighborhoods, relaxing on the beach, or skiing? Do you prefer a colder or warmer climate?
• Which destination do you frequently travel to? Do you have a favorite destination that pops up in your mind the moment you think about the most memorable and enjoyable vacation?
• How much time do you plan to spend in your vacation home every year? How far or close should it be from your primary residence?
• How accessible should it be from your primary residence? And how much will it cost? Would it involve air travel or road travel?
• Who’ll maintain the property in your absence? Will it be your friends or family in the area? Or would you hire a local property management service?

In the case of a weekend home, you should consider the following:

• How close is it to your primary residence? Is it somewhere people in your area are likely to go on the weekends?
• Will it be quick and easy to travel to? Or will the distance become a headache in the future?
• How often do you plan to visit or stay in your weekend home? Will it be a place just for spending the winter weekends or the summer ones?
• What activities will your weekend home facilitate or what amenities will it provide that your primary residence doesn’t?

Finding the right property

Once you get answers to the questions above, you should use the steps below to find your ideal second home in New Jersey:

• Research the neighborhood to find the present property values, their appreciation rates, the area’s crime rates, property taxes, nearby grocery stores, and schools, etc.
• Visit the area often or rent a home close to where you would like to buy to feel how it would be to live there.
• Ask the locals about what they like in the neighborhood and if they face any problems living there. Apart from getting inside information about the location, talking to the locals would help you decide if they’re the kind of people you would want to live close to.
• Hire a real estate agent who’s knowledgeable about the local market and can take care of all the nitty-gritty involved to make the home buying process stress-free.

If all these appear to be too much to handle, you can make the buying process quicker by choosing a company that says ‘we buy houses in NJ for cash and sell them fast’ as they sell properties faster and much more seamlessly than traditional sellers. In case you choose to buy the house from the collections of a company that helps homeowners that keep on thinking about how to sell my house in NJ quickly, the above-mentioned tips would be highly effective as well.

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Estefania Castaneda
Estefania Castaneda
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Extremely pleasant, attentive to all my needs always. It was a pleasure renting an apartment from Ken.
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Vichai Soysouvanh
14:17 03 Sep 21
Can't say enough about Ken and his team. This was the most seamless sale I made. I didn't have to deal with all the... nonsense that comes with selling your home. They bought my house as is, I didn't have to declutter and pay a broker commission. All in all great experience, will do business more
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Niki Keser
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I had a wonderful experience renting one of their properties for 7 months. The apartment was beautifully remodeled and... Ken and his team were always responsive to any needs. I would recommend to anyone looking to sell or more
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Ken and his team were professionals ,they promised and they delivered or anything
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Alfredo Garcia
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Selling my property too Ken was the best thing I did. Although I was skeptical at first I soon found out how... professional he was. Even though my closing contract was not standard because of the pendemic situation. He followed through on time with all the contract terms as promised. Thank you Ken for your professionalism.Alfredo Gread more
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Vishrut Patel
23:27 19 May 21
Ken was referred to us by someone who had sold their home thru Ken last year. From the first meeting to the last... transaction, Ken and his team were professional, efficient, easy to work with, and above all.... caring. Each seller's situation is different, and Ken truly understands that. We were treated with respect each time.Since we were in a time crunch situation, selling our home with a cash offer from Ken was the best decision we could have made. We were perfectly okay with getting slightly less money for our home as compared to selling it via an agent. But if you consider the money saved on agent commissions (both buyers and sellers), closing costs, repair costs, attorney fees, and most important of all... time and headache, you can't beat the option to sell your home with a guaranteed cash offer from a reputable buyer like Ken.My wife and I were very pleased with our experience with Ken. If you are in the market to sell your home fast for a cash offer, I highly recommend giving Ken a call!Best of luck!Vishread more
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Christopher Martino
14:19 10 Mar 21
Ken and his team were great. They were easy to work with, professional, and responsive. If you are thinking of selling... your home they offer a super easy more
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Chelsea Grant
15:36 03 Jan 21
I am a travel nurse and stayed in a town home for 3 months... It was exactly as described and any issue that came about... was handled within a few hours - I would definitely recommend and I would definitely stay again!read more
Aaron Zachko
Aaron Zachko
12:41 14 Aug 20
Amazing experience! Ken was upfront, quick and got the deal done in no time. Having done a number of real estate... transactions this was by far the easiest and smoothest. I would unconditionally recommend him to anyone looking for an easy, quick and fair more
Joseph Tricarico
Joseph Tricarico
19:10 26 Mar 20
Ken is a very professional individual from start to finish. As promised, he gave me a fair deal on my one of my... properties that was in rough shape. He was knowledgeable and responsive to my requests and as promised we didn't need to waste time with inspections and appraisals and we closed quickly. He made it painless as possible by having his crew handle the clean up. This was truly a quick and easy process but a professional individual. Thanks Ken!read more
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