Should You Sell or Lease Your House?

Many homeowners, especially those who’re moving to a faraway place, face the dilemma of whether they should sell or lease the house. Both of these come with unique advantages that you need to assess before making a final decision.

Here, we’ve jotted down the benefits of selling and leasing a house to help you make the right decision.

Benefits of Leasing the House

You Have a New Asset

As you rent out the house, it becomes an asset rather than a liability. This means it’s possible to take out a second mortgage if the property is reclassified as an investment.

Once the house becomes an investment property, the mortgage lender no longer considers the house a debt but rather a generator of income and, thus, an asset. And you can use this asset to take out a second mortgage loan.

You Get a Second Stream of Income

If you can get a rental that’s enough to cover the mortgage payment and other homeowner expenses, such as taxes, insurance costs, repairs, etc., leasing the house is a prudent decision to get a new source of income.

You Get More Time

If you need to do repairs or renovations to sell the house at your ideal asking price but don’t have the money or time to do them immediately, leasing the house is a good option. The money you receive from the rental can be used for repairs and renovations.

Also, if you want to wait to sell the house at a higher price later, leasing it will create a continuous stream of income no matter how long you wait.

You May Get Some Tax Deductions

Rental property owners can write off several expenses on their taxes that let them have more money in their pockets. From insurance costs and interests to local and long-distance travels, home repairs, and more – there’re several items that are either fully or partially deductible from taxes.

Additionally, you may be able to enjoy capital gains tax exemption when selling the rental property. However, you should consult a financial advisor to understand the exact tax benefits you can get from leasing the house and selling it as a rental property.

Benefits of Selling the House

You Get Cash to Purchase a New Home

Many homeowners purchase a new house and sell the existing one at the same time to get the money required for the purchase. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to take out a second mortgage loan unless you can make a sizeable down payment to the lender.

You Can Make a Good Profit

If you can sell the house to a reputable ‘we buy houses’ company, not only can you get a fair price but also close it within a short period of time. And if it’s a seller’s market, you may even get a better price than the market value of your house.

In addition to the above, leasing a house comes with many responsibilities that may or may not be possible for you to carry out comfortably. Now that you know the advantages of both options, it’s up to you to choose the right path based on your requirements and circumstances.


Top Tips to Sell a Hoarder House Fast

When it comes to selling a hoarder house, the process typically becomes more complicated than selling a house in perfect condition. You need to pay extensive attention and invest a significant amount of time and money before you can list it to market.

Fortunately, opting for a cash sale can easily save you from these hassles. When a ‘we buy houses’ company purchases the house in as-is condition, you don’t have to think about any of these.

However, if you want a better offer, you need to follow these strategies.

See Who Actually Owns the House

First, you need to determine to whom the house belongs. Sometimes, sellers of hoarder homes become surprised to learn that the house is in someone else’s name or has a lien on it. This is extremely important because until you receive proper permission from the legal owner, you can do nothing with the house.

Make Necessary Arrangements for the Hoarder

Before you start preparing the house, you need to shift the hoarder if the person is still living in it. Or else, this may become a complicated situation, and the person may not let you touch anything without a fight.

Therefore, be sure to make proper accommodations for the hoarder, whether you plan on sending the person with a relative or to assisted living. Remember that you may need to seek professional help because hoarding is categorized as a medical condition.

Clean the House

The next major step is to get rid of all the junk from the house and have it thoroughly cleaned by professionals. Hiring professionals is important because hoarders often tend to save items for years.

You need to find cleaning professionals who’re experienced in working with hoarder homes. You also must arrange for a dumpster to clear all the junk out. Note that this process requires a significant amount of money and time, and hence, you need to be prepared.

Do Necessary Repairs and Upgrades

Once the junk is out, you need to focus on making necessary repairs and upgrades. You may have to remove curtains, carpets, etc. that may have become contaminated over many years.

You also need to address things like code violations, holes in the wall, broken light fixtures, etc. Sometimes, hoarder homes have bigger issues, such as mold growth or water damage that were never addressed.

Sell the Home As-Is

Considering the volume of investment and work involved in preparing a hoarder home, it often becomes a prudent decision to opt for a cash sale and sell it to a ‘we buy houses’ company. Such a company will buy the house in as-is condition, whether the belongings remain inside or not.

However, if you remove the junk, you may get a better price for the house. In case you don’t, you still won’t need to deal with the repairs and upgrades of the house. Moreover, you’ll be able to sell the house quickly and receive the cash that you can use to help the hoarder pay for his/her new accommodation.


Key Things to Consider When Buying a House in another State

Buying a house out of the state is a tricky territory where you need to tread carefully. Whether you plan to buy from a company that says ‘we buy houses and sell them fast’ or plan to buy directly from a property owner, you should plan well. You should also be ready to overcome obstacles as you’ll be moving out of state. However, it’s not a Herculean task since you’ll just need some additional strategies and tips to sail through the process.

Here are the chief things to consider when planning to buy a house that’s located out of state:

1.    Research the Neighborhood and Find the Cost Of Living

To get a sense of what a neighborhood would feel like, you should research different suburban areas of your choice and focus on other relevant factors like crime rates, the proximity to schools, grocery stores, your workplace, etc. Apart from evaluating the amenities on offer, you should also consider the cost of living. For instance, even when a neighborhood is extremely popular, its steep cost of living could deter you from buying a house there. What you can do instead is to search for areas nearby that are affordable and yet let you stay close to the popular area.

2.    Hire a local Real Estate Agent

Since a local realtor knows the area well, has his own professional networks and connections to leverage, and is aware of the local market trends, he would be able to find you a suitable home quickly. Be it finding companies that say ‘we buy houses and sell them quickly for cash’ or finding direct property sellers, such an agent can make your search easier. You just need to ensure your chosen real estate agent is reliable, understands your preferences, and keeps the communication channels open. Be it finding you appropriate listings, arranging a virtual property tour, or negotiating the deal on your behalf, a dependable local realtor will do all these and more to get you your money’s worth.

3.    Ensure To Have a Pre-Approved Mortgage

To pre-approve a mortgage, your prospective mortgage lenders will inspect your finances and credit report to decide the amount they’ll lend to you, the rate of interest, and the terms. Before seeking a mortgage, you should have a clear picture of your finances and consider elements like the down payment and closing costs to decide what would be an affordable price for you. Though a mortgage lender will let you know about the costs involved and explain the mortgage process in detail, having clarity about your finances would let you make an informed decision about what the right choice is for you.

4.    Jot Down a Move-In Checklist

Your checklist could have tasks like making travel arrangements, renting a moving truck, packing and labeling boxes, updating your address, transferring the utilities, etc. The goal is to keep an eye on everything you need for a seamless move while ensuring nothing is left behind or forgotten.

5.    Be Ready To Weather the Storm

Despite planning everything to the minutest of details, unexpected events could happen, raising unexpected costs to bear. For example, bad weather, transportation problems, road accidents, etc. can delay the move or add costs to what you had earlier budgeted for. Thus, it pays to set aside an emergency fund to meet such sudden expenses, like repairing the damaged good, staying at a hotel until your furniture arrives, etc. You should also keep your essential documents, a few clothes, and medicines with you to ensure even if your things arrive late, you don’t face any problems.

Thus, with some research, diligent planning, and proper execution, buying an out-of-state house would no longer be the dreaded distant dream.


How to Sell Your House Online Fast

The process of selling a home online is very different than traditional home selling. The pandemic has triggered a significant interest spike in selling and buying homes online, and many homeowners are taking this route to sell their homes in a hassle-free, quick manner.

Selling online gives the house more exposure to potential buyers, and if you consult with a ‘we buy houses’ company about targeting the right buyers, you can sell the house on your time and on your terms.

So, what can be done to sell your house online quickly? Let’s take a look.

Take High-Quality Pictures and Videos of the House

High-quality pictures and videos of each corner of the house can give potential buyers a clear idea of what they can expect of it. Good videos and pictures not only show the buyers what the house has to offer but also capture the attention of additional potential buyers, depending on where you post them.

If you don’t know how to take pictures or shoot videos to capture the best areas of your house, it’s best to hire a real estate photographer.

Stage the House Virtually

One of the key advantages of online home selling is you can virtually stage the house while avoiding the expensive practice of professional home staging. Of course, you’ll need to disclose that the house doesn’t actually look the way it appears in those staged pictures, but virtual staging will help the buyers see the potential of the home they’re looking at.

First, you’ll need to capture pictures of different rooms in your house. Then, you’ll need to contact a virtual staging company that will edit those pictures to show potential buyers what the rooms may look like with different pieces of furniture or wall colors.

Work With a Reputable Real Estate Company

If you choose to sell the house online by yourself, you can save a bit on the costs of engaging a real estate company. But you may also be missing out on some key advantages.

First, whether you’re taking pictures and videos for posting online or virtual staging, it can be very difficult to understand exactly what you need to capture to attract potential buyers. Reputable ‘we buy houses’ companies typically have years of experience in preparing houses for listing, and hence, they prove to be highly useful in this regard.

Second, many of these companies can list your house on an MLS or ‘Multiple Listing Service.’ Only real estate professionals can access an MLS, and listing on it can help you get more desirable and legitimate offers.

Third, while you can always advertise the house online mentioning ‘I want to sell my house fast,’ you may not be able to reach all the potential buyers. On the contrary, popular real estate companies typically have a large pool of existing audiences that they can share the details of the house with. If you can find such a company, it can be a highly effective way to get better offers and expedite the home selling process.

While there’ll be costs associated with using the services of a ‘we buy houses’ company, you’ll be able to experience a multitude of benefits too.


Top Factors to Consider When Selling Your Home to a Cash Home Buyer

Are you planning to sell your house to an individual cash home buyer or a ‘we buy houses’ company that purchases houses for cash? While this decision proves to be highly effective in time-sensitive situations, it also has some hidden risks.

Therefore, regardless of the reasons for selling your house to a cash home buyer, you must choose the right entity. If you don’t know where to begin, consider the following factors.

The Money the Buyer Is Offering

Usually, finding the right cash home buyer comes down to selecting the one that’s offering you the maximum price for your house.

When utilizing a cash buyer, it’s a fact that you probably won’t get as much for the house as you’d using a realtor and taking the traditional route. However, it also doesn’t mean that you’ve to give away the farm.

Ideally, you should choose a cash buyer who’ll give you a fair offer depending on the current situation of the real estate market, the condition of your house, and your neighborhood.

How Fast the Buyer Can Close On the House

Being able to close the deal quickly is one of the key reasons many homeowners prefer to sell their house to a ‘we buy houses’ company that purchases properties for cash. While a traditional home sale may take many months, you can close the deal within a few weeks by selling your house to a cash buyer.

Therefore, before finalizing a cash home buyer, you must see how fast it can get things done. See how soon they’ll complete the home inspection and give you an offer. Also, check how quickly they’ll be able to close on the house if you accept the offer.

Check the Credibility of the Buyer

When you find a reputable ‘we buy houses’ company, selling your house for cash can be a great decision. However, there’re also dishonest individuals and companies that try to take advantage of homeowners who’re in time-sensitive situations.

Be sure to do enough research on your chosen buyer to avoid selling your house to a dishonest buyer or falling for a scam. Go through the testimonials and reviews from other homeowners who’ve already used the buyer. Apart from being able to verify the legitimacy of the buyer, you’ll also get a clear idea of the quality of its services.

It’s also a must to check the experience of the buyer in the field. Check out things like how long it has been serving homeowners in your locality and how long it has been buying houses for cash.

If you choose a ‘we buy houses’ company that has been in business for years, you can rest assured of having the deal completed smoothly unless there’re some actually unforeseeable factors. Additionally, such a company will be more likely to give you a fair offer.

Whether you want to publish advertisements stating ‘I want to sell my house fast’ or directly contact a ‘we buy houses for cash’ company, these tips will help you ensure a smooth sale. Just be sure to remain completely upfront with the company you choose to avoid any unwanted situations arising at the last minute.


Essential Tips to Avoid We Buy Houses Scams

Regardless of the city you live in, you’ve certainly seen billboards mentioning three words: ‘we buy houses.’ Sometimes they appear with an additional word, such as ‘we buy distressed houses’ or ‘we buy old houses.’

The advertisers can be anyone. They can be legitimate investors, wholesalers, flippers, or a team of people looking to take advantage of homeowners who’re going through a stressful time.

Usually, if you’ve got an unwanted or distressed house that you want to sell quickly without dealing with the expense and trouble of selling it on the traditional market, joining hands with these people can be a wise decision.

A legitimate ‘we buy houses’ company can quickly buy your house and save you significantly on agent commissions, closing costs, and fees. But there’re people who use these kinds of advertisements to scam homeowners out of their houses.

Here’re some tips that you must consider when selling your home to a ‘we buy houses’ company in order to protect yourself.

Research the Company

The first thing you need to make sure is the company is a legitimate one. Be sure to locate its office(s) and check whether or not it has the proper licenses required to run the business. You also need to check its website, any other kind of online presence, business history, testimonials, and Google reviews.

Most probably, your home is your largest investment, and you must not solely rely on advertisements when selling it. So, try to find out as much background information as you can before proceeding ahead with a ‘we buy houses’ company.

See If There’s Bait And Switch

Once a dishonest ‘we buy houses’ company receives your contract, they usually start pulling shenanigans. For instance, they may have initially agreed on a price of $90,000, but at the last minute, they call and tell you that they can only pay $70,000.

If you’ve to move immediately or are facing foreclosure, you might be forced to accept the new price. But if you don’t have any such urgencies, you should strictly avoid these kinds of deals and start searching for a reputable ‘we buy houses’ company.

Watch Out for the Timeframe of the Transaction

Generally, a good ‘we buy houses’ company should be able to close on your house in around two weeks, which is also a reason you’re making the deal. However, if a company cannot guarantee some kind of a reasonable timeframe to close the deal, it won’t be a prudent decision to proceed ahead with it. You may end up having the contract for the unforeseeable future without any recourse.

Go Through the Contract Carefully

This is your house, and you’ve got all the rights to get clarifications and ask questions. No matter how lucrative the offer is, take time to carefully read the contract and understand each of the sections. If possible, have a real estate professional or attorney look at it.

A legitimate ‘we buy houses’ company should never have anything to hide in the contract. Therefore, don’t sign the contract unless you fully understand it.


How to Deal With a Mortgage When You Need To Move Quickly

Taking out a mortgage loan is probably the most common practice people use to purchase a home. It lets them borrow money to buy the home, and they pay it back with interest over a specified period of time.

Until the mortgage is repaid fully, they don’t fully own the home. And if they plan to move at some point, the mortgage needs to be paid off first. Fortunately, there’re several options available if you want to move quickly and still owe on the home.

Here’re the most popular ones from which you can take your pick.

Rent Out the House

If you don’t want to sell the home just yet, you can think of using it as a rental property. This strategy works well when you’ve got a low mortgage. You can easily collect enough money from the rental to cover your mortgage, maintenance and insurance costs, and taxes.

However, it’s important to understand that being a landlord has many responsibilities that you must carry out. Also, if you’re moving to a faraway place, you may need to engage a local property management company to take care of things on your behalf.

Opt For a Short Sale

Ideally, you should consider a short sale as your last option because it’s a lengthy process. However, if you owe more on your mortgage than the value of your home, you cannot use a traditional way to sell it (unless you’ve got the funds to cover the difference).

In a short sale, your house is sold for its current value, the lender receives the proceeds of the sale and writes off the remaining balance. One major downside of choosing a short sale is that your credit gets negatively affected, and you may need to wait a few years to obtain a new mortgage loan.

Sell the Home for Cash

This is probably the best option when you’ve got a loan to repay, and you’re planning to move quickly. The first thing you’ve to do is find a ‘we buy houses’ company or an individual buyer who’ll purchase the home for cash. You can publish an advertisement stating ‘I want to sell my house for cash’ to attract such buyers.

As these buyers don’t need bank financing, the closing process can be started as soon as you receive and accept the offer. Usually, you can close within one or two weeks and receive the cash.

Moreover, cash buyers purchase houses in as-is condition, which means they’ll buy your house in its current condition. You won’t need to think about organizing and staging the house or cleaning it. It’s a win-win situation for everyone – the buyer receives a discount on the house, and you get a quick offer and a much faster closing process than a traditional sale.

If you’ve got a fixer-upper, selling the house quickly using a traditional method of sale is a very difficult task. In that case, selling it to a ‘we buy houses’ company for cash is perhaps the best method to have a hassle-free transaction.


Accepting a Cash Offer? Be Sure To Consider These Things

Homeowners often prefer to go with cash buyers instead of financed buyers, and there’re reasons behind it. Not only can they close the deal faster, but the chances of it falling through are usually less.

These are certainly significant benefits, especially when you’re trying to sell your house fast, either to an individual or a ‘we buy houses’ company. However, there’re some essential things you need to consider to avoid selling the house to an unethical or dishonest cash buyer.

Let’s take a look at them.

Potential Contingencies

Usually, a cash offer appears with much fewer contingencies compared to a traditional offer. However, it doesn’t mean that there’re no contingencies at all. Most cash buyers have the right to inspect and evaluate the property, even though these aren’t necessary in a cash sale.

However, some cash buyers still prefer to do an inspection. Their intention isn’t nickel-and-diming you, but they just want to see what they’re paying for. But if a buyer tries to renegotiate your after an inspection, it should be a red flag because you’re selling the house as-is.

Source of Funds

Once a buyer makes a cash offer, be sure to verify that he/she has the funds. It’s important to understand that it isn’t just a matter of how much the buyer can pay but also where the funds are coming from.

In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons ethical buyers, whether it’s an individual or a ‘we buy houses’ company, don’t pay in cash, even if they’re dealing with a cash sale. At closing, they’ll use either a cashier’s check or direct deposit to transfer the funds.

Now, you may be wondering how much funds a cash buyer should have? The buyer must have enough funds in the bank to cover both the purchase price of your house and the closing costs. As the total cost can easily be hundreds of thousands of dollars, generally, experienced and reputable home buyers enter into a cash sale.

Ability to Take Out a Loan

Legitimate home buyers such as a reputable ‘we buy houses’ company complete cash sales on a regular basis. They do it as their full-time profession and typically have enough money to purchase houses. These companies also have a robust network of professionals and contractors that help them quickly renovate and sell the properties they purchase.

On the contrary, some buyers can try to low-ball you because either they don’t have the money or they cannot take out a loan from the bank. We aren’t saying that this is always a bad deal, but you should also ensure you aren’t getting a low offer just because it’s a cash sale. You can always get a fair price for the house when you choose the right buyer.

Once you list your home mentioning that ‘I want to sell my house quickly,’ cash offers start coming in almost immediately. But as the home is perhaps your biggest asset, be sure to consider these things before accepting an offer.


Buying in a Seller’s Market? Do These Things to Have Your Offer Accepted

Perhaps you already know that a seller’s market typically means that there’re more buyers than there’re houses available for sale. In that situation, getting your offer accepted often becomes a difficult task because there’re more people competing for a single house.

So, what can be done to get that perfect home you’re aiming at? Try these tips that may make your offer an undeniable one.

Make a Clean Offer

Your offer should not have any financial constraints or be contingent on another property’s sale. Also, you shouldn’t include any kind of seller concessions like help with closing costs.

If possible, try to get the loan fully underwritten. It simply means having the entire loan process completed with the lender before you make an offer on a house. You may also think of giving up the inspection contingency. If the seller provides inspection reports from renowned companies, there’ll be little risk involved.

Go Above the Asking Price

A seller’s market isn’t something where you can make a low offer and hope the seller will accept it. Your offer has to be strong enough to stand out in a multiple bid situation. Therefore, if you actually want the house, it’s best to offer above the asking price.

Sometimes, offering just a couple of thousand dollars can help you accomplish the goal. It’ll help the seller understand that you seriously want to purchase the house. However, you should stay away from offering an unrealistic amount above the asking price. Or else, what you pay on your mortgage per month will significantly increase, which will end up costing you much more over time.

Put More Money Down

Regardless of the type of your loan, making a larger down payment is a positive sign to your seller. Basically, you should try to showcase you’re in a healthy financial position whenever possible. By putting more money down than required, you send a clear indication that you’re capable of fulfilling all financial obligations.

Make a Cash Offer

Whether you’re buying the house from an individual or a ‘we buy houses’ company that resells houses, try to make a cash offer if possible. When buyers finance using a lender, they become heavily reliant on the lender’s process.

This may lead to a negative outcome. Many lenders want to include appraisal contingencies for safeguarding their best interests, or they may want have an inspection done. These things may deter a seller, especially if the person has already received other offers.

Cash offers also prove that you’re serious and have enough money to expedite closing. You’ll solely be in control of the closing process rather than letting a lender dictate it.

While the above things may seem quite simple, their impacts can go a long way to help your offer stand out and, in turn, get you the house you’re aiming at. Try to go the extra mile, whether it’s establishing yourself as a serious buyer or proving that you’ve the financial means to fulfill all obligations. When you do these, the seller will surely notice your effort and take a second look at your offer.


How to Increase Profit When Selling Your House Fast

The home selling process comes with both opportunities and unexpected difficulties appearing simultaneously. While you may not wish your house to sit on the market for a prolonged period, you also don’t want to sell it for less money than what it is worth.

When it comes to selling a house fast, many think that it isn’t possible to maximize profit. However, the reality is it’s possible to get the best deal if you follow the right strategies. Let’s take a look at them.

Pricing Your House

One common mistake homeowners make when selling their house fast is not selecting the right price to list at. It eventually leads to loss of both time and money. If your house is listed at a surprisingly low price, it may trigger skepticism in buyers, which will delay the process.

If you keep the price too high, potential buyers may get deterred, especially if there’re better deals around for similar houses. Therefore, be sure to do enough research before deciding on the price of your home.

Look at the prices of the other similar houses in your neighborhood and try to keep your price around them. You can also consult a local ‘we buy houses’ company to decide on the right price for your home. Being experienced professionals, they’ll be able to provide you with the best guidance.

Negotiating the Best Offer

This strategy works best only when you’ve got multiple offers on the house from several buyers. Certain buyers might be interested in offering more than what they initially did. Sometimes, buyers offer a higher price than the list price to secure a house that they know they’re competing for.

However, you need to remember that just because a buyer is offering a higher price doesn’t mean that the person will be the best buyer for the house. There’re several other factors, including the person’s trustworthiness, that you must look into.

Deciding On the Right Time for the Sale

The timing of the sale of your house plays a crucial role in determining how much profit you can make out of it. In some regions of the country, the pandemic had a serious impact on property sales. On the contrary, some regions experienced significant growth.

Of course, it may not always be possible to wait for the right time, but if you can, it may maximize your profit. Ideally, you should maintain a balance between the ups and downs of your local property market and your personal calendar. Again, you should contact a ‘we buy houses’ company to understand the market before placing an advert stating ‘I want to sell my house fast.’

Maximizing Curb Appeal

If you don’t want to go for costly upgrades or major repairs, try to do some inexpensive curb appeal upgrades. These can be simple yet effective things: sprucing up the lawn, adding lighting elements, or painting the front door.

While you can have these upgrades done within one long weekend, they can greatly help you in enhancing the worth of your home, and in turn, your profit.


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