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Avoid Hefty Agent Commissions When Selling Your New Jersey House

Not anymore, though.
As you’ll soon learn, there is a way to avoid paying for huge agent commissions when you’re selling your Bergen County real estate property.

Skip the Fees, Sell to a Direct Buyer

A lot of people have this notion that selling to a direct buyer means selling your house for a very low price. However, that’s not entirely true. While direct buyers do indeed offer a fairly lower price compared to what you may typically see on listings, they save you a lot of time and effort by buying your property outright.
With a direct buyer, you don’t really have to do much selling. You only have to show them your Bergen County real estate property, and that’s it. After receiving basic information, they’ll run a comparative market analysis to determine just how much your home would fetch on the market, while also factoring the costs of repairs and all, and then send you an offer based on their research.
It is that simple.
If you accept their offer, you don’t have to worry about putting up your property along with other New Jersey houses for sale. Cash buyers can close the deal in as little as a week’s time.
Besides, even if you do not end up accepting their effort, you’ll at least know the true value of your property. This way, if you want to put it up for sale, either on your own or by working with an agent, you’ll have a better idea about how much you should be selling it for.

The Benefits of Selling to a Direct Buyer

Time is the biggest benefit when selling to a direct buyer. They’ll take care of everything for you, from processing down to closing. Because of that, another big benefit is money. Not only will you be able to work and relax easily knowing that the direct buyer is taking care of all the paperwork for you, but you also don’t have to spend money to process the papers, repair your house so it passes inspection nor have to pay an agent commission fee.
With direct buyers, you simply take what you want to keep from your house and they’ll handle everything else.
For example, here are Cash Buyer New Jersey, we buy houses on a cash basis, as they are without any repairs. All you need to do is to tell us about your property, and we’ll make you an offer as soon as we can.
If you’re really keen on getting the “most” out of your New Jersey house but want to avoid paying for an agent, you can put up the listing yourself. But, keep in mind, it can be quite costly. Between taking time off of work to talk to prospective buyers and to handle the paperwork, you’ll be spending a lot of time and money making sure that the deal pushes through. Not to mention, there’s always the risk of the deal being cancelled at the last minute when you’re dealing with traditional buyers.