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Palisades Park, spread across 1.25 square miles and located west of the Hudson River, is 15 miles to Newark airport and 6 miles to New York City. This small borough has a significantly diversified cultural and ethnic heritage, which adds to its charm. The Borough Act of 1878 created the Borough of Palisades Park, which permitted the township to split and establish itself as an independent Borough. On 22nd March, 1899, an act of the New Jersey Legislature incorporated the borough of Palisades Park from sections of Ridgefield Township. However, the neighboring borough of Fort Lee took possession of a segment of its area in April 1909. The borough of Palisades Park draws its name from its location on top of the New Jersey Palisadess.palisades park beach


The diverse population of Palisades Park consists of Native Americans, Whites, African Americans, Pacific Islanders, Asians and people from other races, a significant percentage being Hispanics or Latinos. Governed by a local government that consists of a Mayor and a Borough Council (having six council members), this fast-growing borough boasts of efficient borough services, a vibrant housing market, flourishing businesses and quality school systems.  


You can take the George Washington Bridge from Manhattan in New York City and reach Palisades Park via adjacent Fort Lee. U.S. Route 46, U.S. Route 1/9, Route 93, Route 5, County Route 501 and Route 63 too can take you to this borough. From Midtown Manhattan’s Port Authority Bus Terminal, you can take New Jersey Transit buses to Palisades Park. Local bus services are offered on the 751 and 755 bus lines.  number of people opting for public transportation in Palisades Park is 230% higher than the national average. As compared to the national average, 27% more people carpool to work in Palisades Park.


Palisades Park Recreation Area provides 12 miles of outdoor recreation options including ski and hiking trails, a picturesque riverside drive and a boat launch. Palisades Interstate Park – a riverfront park spread over 2,500 acres that include 30 miles of ski and hiking, hiking & ski trails, a nature sanctuary and playgrounds is also worth a visit. You may even set a date with the nearby Central Park (which can be reached by boarding line 166 bus and taking the subway) that has one of the largest carousels in the country that boast of historic hand-carved horses.

Foodpalisades park bbq

Palisades Park offers a variety of mouthwatering options to keep your taste buds happy. Lovers of Korean delicacies can head to So Mon Nan Jip (for Korean BBQ) and Chung Dam Dong Restaurant. Crown Restaurant & Lounge is ideal for those looking to savor Korean and American comfort food along with some cocktails. Its karaoke rooms are also a popular place with guests. For Spanish food lovers, there’s Meson Madrid Restaurant while Caffebene with its relaxed European vibe is for those having a penchant for sandwiches and sweet treats. Bonjuk Restaurant, 46 Deli, Banner Deli & Liquors and Bang Goom Teo Bakery & Coffee are some other places worth a visit to enjoy some delicious food and beverages.   

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